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How Pegasus Gymnastics grew wings

A change in facilities and a crew of determined helpers can boost membership, as Local Leader Helen Seamer found out at Pegasus Gymnastics Club.

“Gymnastics is enjoying a surge in popularity thanks to the success of Team GB at the London 2012 Olympic Games and subsequent international competitions.

Gymnastics clubs up and down the country are fully subscribed, many with long waiting lists of children keen to become the next Beth Tweddle or Louis Smith.

Working hard to capitalise on the growth in the sport is Ionut Trandaburu and the team at Pegasus Gymnastics Club in Maidstone. Ionut has a distinguished record as a gymnast and International Performance coach.

His superb technical knowledge has enabled him to build a coaching team that can cater for the full range of gymnastic ability, from babies in the Kindergym, to elite performance level.

New Olympic standard gymnasium

The benefits derived from Olympic-level apparatus can be immense. 


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Innovation, Inclusivity and Imagination: A Grand Slam of Volunteering

When Local Leader Helen Seamer visited Folkestone Rugby Club to talk about Join In she discovered an incredible group of volunteers that keep the club thriving. Helen shares their story with us

“My visits to local sports clubs are the best part of my role as a Join In Local Leader, it’s always fascinating to note the similarities but also the differences in the way grassroots sport clubs are run.

Join In volunteers Abi and Scarlett direct parking in a familiar local club scene.


Local Leader Helen Seamer: What volunteering means to me

Helen Seamer is one of Join In’s 250 volunteer Local Leaders, our people on the ground helping local sports clubs to connect with volunteers. She explains how she got into volunteering and what she gets out of it.

“I have always thought that there is a sport for absolutely everyone – it’s a question of trying them out to find the right one for you. I had this in mind when looking for something for my children to do. Two were early swimmers, so competitive swimming was an easy choice for the first.

My daughter was a bit different, having no inclination for speed swimming or ball sports. It happened that the swimming club in my little town in Kent, Hythe Aqua, had a synchronised swimming section. She gave it a try and was immediately hooked.

I used to watch in wonder at the amazing workout that is a synchro training session, and I quickly got roped in as a poolside helper. Level 1 coaching soon followed and I found myself getting deeper and deeper into the sport as a volunteer, becoming the county manager after a few years of learning the ropes.