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Rebecca Birkbeck introducing Join In's 'Making Time' research

Join In is changing

Four years ago, it was time to start making history. Now we’re ready for the next adventure.

Join In began life in a golden summer of sport. Following the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we had a simple but incredibly ambitious goal: to create a volunteering legacy for the nation.

This was something that no previous Host City had ever achieved.

Honestly, we had no idea where this would take us. There was no guide. No blueprint. But inspired by the irrepressible energy of the London 2012 Games Makers, we had a good feeling.

And we realised something very important.

Following the London 2012 gold rush, our country was more in love with sport than ever. But it wasn’t just about medals and glory. (more…)

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The value of sports volunteering transcends party politics

Join In CEO Rebecca Birkbeck discusses the social legacy of London 2012 and the impact of sports volunteering since the Games

“Long before the first starting gun was fired, those who wanted to bring the Games to London were clear that success shouldn’t just be measured by where the UK appeared in the medals table… it was also about the longer-term benefits.”
– Rob Wilson, Minister for Civil Society, Oct 14

Incredibly, this July will see the third anniversary of the London 2012 Games.

And though by then we will have a new government, surely no politician could disagree that the legacy we’re now enjoying is bigger than we all could have imagined – beyond track and field, the regeneration of East London and the estimated £14.2bn of economic benefits from hosting the Games.

Join In had a unique opportunity to help build a volunteering and social legacy from London 2012, and, with the support of many fantastic partners en route, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve collectively achieved in this short period.

What’s most pleasing for me, when out and about discussing Join In’s work, is how universally the contribution of sports volunteers is admired.


Backing the This Girl Can campaign

Join In CEO Rebecca Birkbeck looks back at her life in sports and discusses why she thinks #ThisGirlCan has struck a chord with the nation.

“You’ve probably seen that Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign has already gone viral. The films have been viewed almost 4 million times on YouTube and are being talked about everywhere from Twitter to Campaign magazine, as well as the pub I had a drink in last Friday.