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Lord's cricket volunteer
Lending a hand at Lord's is one of the many big event volunteer opportunities available

Big event volunteering  

Whether it’s at a local triathlon, blind golf tournament, or major hockey championship, there are lots of great volunteering opportunities coming your way. So which will you pick?

British Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships

Catch some of the world’s best players before they go to the Rio 2016 Games. Sample that big event atmosphere in Nottingham from 26-31 July.

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Recent News

Runners on start line
Tie up your joggers for these great running events

Top running events for volunteers

Get the UK running this spring, summer and autumn. Here are 10 great events that need your help.

London Marathon

After all those winter runs and tireless fundraising, the participants will be ready for the biggest event on the running calendar on 24 April. You can do your bit by cheering the runners; or if you’re a masseuse, why not salve those weary limbs.

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Let's get young people volunteering in local sport.

Giving NCS graduates a sporting chance

Right across England and Northern Ireland this summer, tens of thousands of young people are taking part in the National Citizen Service.

A personal and social development programme for 15-17 year olds, NCS is designed to help young people ‘make extraordinary friendships, learn the skills they don’t teach you in class and create unforgettable memories’↑.

Young people gain a great breadth of experience through NCS, which includes an element of volunteering. But though the three-week programme captures the immediate impact↑, both the graduates and organisations running NCS also have an eye on what happens next.


Join In patron Eddie Izzard at the Chelmsford parkrun
Join In patron Eddie Izzard at the Chelmsford parkrun

parkrun supports the #BigHelpOut

parkrun is working with Join In to support the Big Help Out, our nationwide campaign to inspire 10,000 new volunteers into community sport.

parkrun↑ delivers weekly 5k timed runs (and 2k for juniors) that are at the heart of local communities. Volunteers are the lifeblood of parkrun, with around 6,000 weekly helpers bringing the community together to create a unique atmosphere that families, friends and neighbours can enjoy.

Whether it’s cheering on the runners, marshalling or even baking post-run cakes – there’s a role for everyone at parkrun.

Event Director at Woodley parkrun in Berkshire, Kerri French, said, “Being a volunteer at parkrun has helped me in so many ways. It has boosted my confidence, especially in public speaking, which has had a knock-on effect on my day job.

For me, parkrun has always been about other people’s running and not my own, and I get a lot of enjoyment from just watching people turn up and enjoy their run with friends.” (more…)

Volunteering at award-winning Old Silhillians.

At the heart of a hockey club

As a Local Leader and Chairman of Old Silhillians Hockey Club, Stephen Tabb knows how essential volunteers are for clubs who dream big.  

Old Silhillians is a dynamic hockey club in Solihull that gained international recognition after becoming the first British club to be named Club of the Year by the European Hockey Federation in 2015. 

Its Chairman Stephen Tabb has been involved in the sport for a long time. From volunteering at the London 2012 Games as a pitch manager to leading the development of the main hockey club in Warwickshire, Stephen understands the importance of recruiting volunteers.

An inclusive state of mind

Joining the network of Local Leaders was a natural step to help him get more people on board, and he quickly took full advantage.We have a club profile on the Join In website, and they regularly retweet and favourite our requests for more helpers,” he said. “We have no doubt that integrating with Join In will benefit the club in the longer term”.

You do not have to have any hockey background at all to get involved.


15 years' volunteering at Leighton Buzzards.

Creating that hockey buzz

For 15 years, Katie Jackson has volunteered for Leighton Buzzard Hockey Club in Bedfordshire. We caught up with Katie to hear why she helps and how she managed to raise £6,000.

How and why did you get involved all those years ago?

I was asked by a friend to try out a summer league that Leighton hosted as I loved the sport. I went along and have never looked back since. The longer I was at the club, the more I knew I could do for it. Now I have a “hockey family,” as well as my husband, sister, cousins and nieces who all play at the same club. I’ve always been a giving person, and why not in a sport I absolutely love playing.

How much does your club rely on volunteers?

Voluntary work is important if we want to keep our club going. We have a few people who coach and do other voluntary roles. I organise all the socials, sponsorship, junior teas and help out with coaching, umpiring and whatever else gets thrown my way.


Big Help Out Hockey aims to garner support for hockey clubs across the UK
Big Help Out Hockey aims to garner support for hockey clubs across the UK

It’s Big Help Out Hockey

With the EuroHockey Championships in full swing, we’ve teamed up with England Hockey to promote the sport at grassroots level. Get ready for ‘Big Help Out Hockey’.

The ‘Big Help Out Hockey’ initiative will work with amateur hockey clubs across the UK to inspire new and existing volunteers to help out each week at their local clubs and contribute to the #BigHelpOut target of 10,000 ahead of Sports Personality of the Year.

To do this, we’ll promote a number of community hockey clubs and groups – shining a light on volunteers and the huge impact they have in the sport.

We’ve got 1,859 volunteer opportunities at hockey clubs and events that need filling, and there are roles for everyone: club coaches, umpires and event organisers. And they don’t just need help pitch-side; you can help with social media, paint the clubhouse or collect members’ subs – the options are endless.

Throughout the campaign, community clubs with a Join In club page will benefit from a huge audience of volunteers, who will be driven towards hockey. Our network of on-the-ground volunteers will be on hand to work with clubs regionally and help connect and support clubs and volunteers. (more…)

Afewee Boxing Club provides an outlet for young people in Brixton.

London riots inspire boxing club

11 August 2011. Thousands of young people rioted in London. But on that very day, the riots inspired legendary football coach Steadman Scott to give these young people something positive to focus on. So Steadman set up Afewee Boxing Club in Brixton.

Four years on from the London riots, Afewee Boxing club is going from strength to strength. Join In helped sport enthusiast Laurie Cooper to volunteer at Afewee. She talks about her experience and the club’s impact in Brixton, as does Head Coach Bobby Miltiadous.


From humble beginnings, Lincoln Branleys Pétanque Club is going strong.

“I enjoyed it so much that I joined the club.”

It has been a rocky road for Lincoln Branley Pétanque Club, but the future looks smoother thanks to its tireless volunteers.

Back in 1982, Peter Mann chanced upon a disused long jump area. After taking a brief look at it, the French teacher decided it would be a perfect area for pétanque.

Fast forward 33 years and Peter is President of Lincoln Branley Pétanque Club, and his wife Liz is both member and volunteer of the same organisation.