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Clubs need your skills.

The volunteering professionals

Your workplace skills could make a real difference to a local sports club. In the first of our two-part series, we see how BT employees put their professional savvy to effective use.

Part 1 | Part 2

Tori, web designer and social media whizz


Full name: Tori Brady
Day job:
Customer Experience

Volunteers at: Ponteland Rugby Club in Newcastle upon Tyne (more…)

Recent News

Ken embodies what a Local Leader is all about.

60 seconds with… Ken Aigbe

Ken Aigbe encapsulates everything that is great about our Local Leaders. Our East London Volunteer Coordinator is pro-active, likeable and dedicated. He’s also very busy; but we managed to catch up with him for a quick chat..

Why did you originally decide to volunteer?
I wanted to do something very significant in my community.

What are your main duties as a Local Leader?
Helping at local sport clubs and events, identifying potential opportunities and recruiting other volunteers. (more…)

Two mother and daughter teams helping make the Hull marathon happen.

Meet the marathon makers

Running is the fastest growing participation sport in the UK, but running clubs and events wouldn’t be possible without volunteers.

Jasha Fletcher, a BT Local Leader in Yorkshire and Humberside, has made a fantastic contribution to Join In’s Run It campaign by recruiting volunteers for the Hull Marathon on 13 September. Full of pride, she shared her exciting experiences from the day…


Let's get young people volunteering in local sport.

Giving NCS graduates a sporting chance

Right across England and Northern Ireland this summer, tens of thousands of young people are taking part in the National Citizen Service.

A personal and social development programme for 15-17 year olds, NCS is designed to help young people ‘make extraordinary friendships, learn the skills they don’t teach you in class and create unforgettable memories’↑.

Young people gain a great breadth of experience through NCS, which includes an element of volunteering. But though the three-week programme captures the immediate impact↑, both the graduates and organisations running NCS also have an eye on what happens next.


Opening up sport on campus with Join In

At Join In, we know sport is often a huge part of life on campus: tens of thousands of undergraduates have fantastic experiences in sports teams and societies while at university.

And the benefits aren’t just about fitness and friendship – research also indicates↑ that graduates who participate in sport at university go on to earn more than those who don’t once they enter the job market.


All over the UK, the RDA is helping get disabled people into horse riding.

Riding in the face of adversity

Julie Taylor and Kirsty Cameron are two of 18,000 Riding for the Disabled volunteers across the UK who hope to help people through horse riding.

The affectionate, calm and kind nature of horses provide a unique therapy for people with both mental and physical disabilities.

RDA-04 (more…)

Start your own cycling group. Get inspired by Kirsty Cameron and her friends!

Le Tour de Forfar

Want to start your own cycling group? Then read how Kirsty Cameron did it and get on your bike!

When most people think of cyclists, they think of lung-busting climbs during the Tour de France or rakish enthusiasts whizzing along the UK’s motorways every Sunday.

However, as Join In Volunteer Kirsty Cameron proved, cycling is for everyone. A couple of years ago, she set up a women’s cycling group in Forfar, Scotland. Here’s how she did it:



Runners and volunteers muck in for a great cause.

Volunteering for a great cause

When Cancer Research UK needed volunteer managers to help their Race for Life and Pretty Muddy events run smoothly, they knew who to approach.

Our Local Leaders are passionate about volunteering and making a difference in their communities. When we asked them if they could lend a hand to look after Cancer Research UK volunteers, their responses were amazing.

They immediately began getting cover, changing plans and even booking unpaid leave to support their local event. One dedicated volunteer even gave up a day’s volunteering at a prestigious golfing event to ensure she could be involved.

“I’ve cancelled my Saturday shifts for the Irish Open… I can still do the Sunday” – Karolyn Gaston, Northern Ireland Local Leader

body1 (more…)

Carlos at the Run It Launch
Carlos set up a run group from his Intersport store.

Set up a workplace run

Get home quicker. Get fitter. Feel better. Two of our volunteers share their tips to get your workplace run off the ground.

In our increasingly busy lives, finding the time and motivation to go for a run can be challenging. But a new solution is on the scene, one that easily slots into our manic schedules and brings people together to pound the pavement – the workplace run.

We wanted to find out what it takes to put on a run from work and hopefully inspire more of you to set up a workplace running club. And who better to talk to than Carlos Rybeck. As well as being floor manager at the Intersport City store, Carlos also volunteers as the run leader for the in store run club: City Milers. I caught up with him to see what it takes to run a run.


Our Local Leaders helped kit out Team GB's European Games athletes.

Team GB’s new clothes

Our Local Leaders joined Team GB staff and Aldi representatives to kit out the UK’s athletes for the maiden European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Two of these volunteers, Geoff Olner and Tori Brady, shared their experiences.