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CRUK London Winter Run


Cancer Research London Winter Run,
Trafalgar Square,


The London Winter Run depends on its volunteers to make the event a success. Volunteer Roles will range from meeting and greeting runners, to working at a water station, to helping out in the bag drop area, to dressing up in a polar bear outfit and doling out hugs. All we ask is that you are enthusiastic, have a flexible approach and are pro-active. We would really appreciate your help in supporting out fundraisers and encourage you to sign up at
We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

About our club

The Cancer Research UK London Winter Run is returning on Sunday 4th February with 15,000 runners aiming to raise £800,000 for this worthwhile cause. The 10K route spans the streets of central London, attracting hundreds of spectators and making for a fantastic day for runners and volunteers alike.

Sports and activities

  • Running

Skills Required

  • Hosting & welcoming
  • Marshalling

Upcoming event

Cancer Research UK London Winter Run
Sunday 4th February 2018
7am - 2pm

Roles Needed:
“This team of volunteers are our eyes and ears on the course. You will be positioned at key points around the run route to help direct our runners in the right direction and all whilst cheering them on and keeping them motivated no matter what the weather!"
Drinks Station
“This is where our runners can grab a quick drink and maybe a moments rest so we need a team of friendly, welcoming volunteers to support our runners when they need it most, and to keep them feeling positive to get them back running again!”
Welcoming Back Runners into the Finish Area
“We need singing, dancing, happy and cheering volunteers to welcome our runners across the finish line and to congratulate them on their achievement. You will be adorning them with medals and making sure they get a well-deserved hug from our Polar Bear Hug Squad.”
Helping Out At The Baggage Drop Off / Collection Area
“This is a crucial area to the success of the event because with 20,000 runners turning up in the middle of winter, the vast majority will bring a bag with them.”
Snowmen Start Team
“Happy and excited volunteers help add a wintry theme to our start team by getting into costume and joining in the warm up process runners”
Polar Bear Hug Squad
“Enthusiastic volunteers will be dressed up and ready to celebrate the runners success as they cross the finish line. The polar bears will pose for photos with our runners as they finish and give them a big celebratory hug.”
Penguin Party
“Costumed Volunteers will motivate our runners with music and a party part way through the course. They will give the runners that much needed boost of energy!”
“Our huskies will be along the route ready to give out well deserved high fives and howls as the runners make their way past them.”

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