How Join In Local Leaders help sport clubs

Who are our Local Leaders? They are the 250 faces of Join In in your local community, committed to putting more volunteers into sports clubs and groups like yours.

There are lots of ways they can help you to recruit and retain the helpers you need. Here are some of them.

Using the Join In website

Our Local Leaders can help you to create a profile on the website to promote your volunteering opportunities.

Once created, the profile will be visible to volunteers looking for opportunities in your local area and will allow the volunteers to contact you directly.

Read how Jubilee 77 club Youth Football Club successfully recruited volunteers through our website.

Join In Local Leaders can help with events at your sports club.

Helping with events

If you are organising an event and are looking for a large number of volunteers, Join In Local Leaders can help with that too!

They can guide you through updating your club profile with the event detail, and help you promote it through social media so it reaches a bigger audience.

Many of our Local Leaders are experienced volunteers themselves, often with a large network of people they might be able to on to volunteer at your events.

Running taster sessions

Local Leaders can help you to encourage new people to try your sport or activity, and hopefully join your club, by running taster sessions.

While you are busy looking after the prospective new participants, the Local Leaders can talk to parents about the possibility of them lending a hand, if their new recruit joins the club.

It may encourage some parents to volunteer themselves plus it’s a chance to get more people participating in your sport. So it’s win-win! 

Recruiting volunteers from within

Do you struggle to recruit volunteers from within your club or group? Maybe many of the participants and their families don’t realise that their own club is run by volunteers. We want to change this!

Join In Local Leaders can come along and speak to participants and their supporters about volunteering in your club – together you can show them the many different roles they can do that each vary in levels of commitment.

Local Leaders can also tell them about how rewarding and enjoyable volunteering can be. Many of them are former Games Makers who are always happy to talk about their experiences from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and help ‘inspire a generation’.

Local Leaders can help arrange a Thank You event for your club.

Thanking your volunteers

If you already have volunteers who are an important part of your club or group, Join In Local Leaders can help you to organise a volunteer thank-you event.

This is a chance for you to highlight the valuable contribution made by volunteers to your club and to let them know you couldn’t do it without them.

Our Local Leaders have all of the tools necessary to organise a great event, including special Join In thank-you certificates which they can present to your volunteers.

Join In Local Leaders can help with volunteer retention at your local club.

Sharing your success stories

Join In loves to promote all the great things volunteers do. If you have an inspiring volunteer who has helped your club, let your Local Leader know and we can tell the world!

– Need some help? Contact your nearest Local Leader.

– If a Local Leader has helped you to find a volunteer, run a taster session or organise a thank-you event we would love to hear about it. Please email the Join In team on

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