How to make the most of your Join In club page

Every sports club on Join In has its own page. It’s free, quick and easy to set up. Here we highlight some clubs that have found a winning formula, and share a few tips on what to include on your club’s page to encourage volunteers to contact you.

Clubs like these below are spending only a little time on their Join In pages, but getting big rewards.

(Don’t forget to log in to your club page now, so you can make changes like these. You can even do it on your mobile!)

Personalise your page

South Loughton Cricket Club have uploaded a picture of their club crest and added a bit of personality to their club info. This helps catch the attention of potential volunteers and gives them a feel for the club.

Give volunteers lots of info

Kingswood Falcons FC have included lots of details about what they do and what they need help with. This lets volunteers know how they can make a difference and exactly what commitment they need to make, so they can understand if the opportunity is for them.

Update your news

Jubilee 77 Youth Football Club keep their page up to date with upcoming events and new opportunities. This shows would-be volunteers that they can start lending a hand right now and encourages them to get in touch.

jubilee 77 club page

All three clubs above have successfully found one or more volunteer matches through Join In, helping them to run more activities and attract new members. And there are plenty more like them!

No time?

We know that local sports clubs are often run entirely by volunteers – and that you’re probably juggling a million jobs! That’s why we’ve designed your Join In club page to be very low maintenance. It only takes a couple of minutes to keep updated. Simply log in, click on ‘Edit Profile’ and make sure you’ve filled in all the boxes. Here, you can let people know how many volunteers you would like, and what they might be doing when they help at your club.

If you only do 6 things….

  1. Upload a photo or logo – preferably a hi-res image, so that it looks nice and clear on your page.
  2. Use an email address that you check regularly so there’s no danger of you missing messages from interested volunteers.
  3. Make your club address the place where your activities take place (not your home or another address). This means our automatic map will pinpoint it accurately and your club will show up in the right searches.
  4. List all of the sports and activities at your club – that way, you can find volunteers who are passionate about your sport.
  5. Tell everybody at the club about your profile – either in person or through an email. They need to know that volunteers from Join In will be contacting your club. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, share your club page with your followers.
  6. Keep it up to date. Make sure you remove any old volunteering opportunities, so that there aren’t any disappointed volunteers, and add new opportunities with plenty of notice for upcoming events.

Now you’re all set to go.

Found a volunteer match?

If your club page has worked its magic you’ll be contacted by a local volunteer looking to help. You will receive an email from us to let you know who wants to help and how to get in touch with them.

What to do next?

Time is precious – Try to reply to the volunteer as soon as you get a notification from us. If they have provided you with a phone number, a quick call or a text message is essential to keep them interested. If not, respond using the provided email address to arrange a meeting.

Follow up – We will send you an email shortly after the volunteer contacted you to find out if you have found a volunteer match. Please let us know how you get on so that we can follow up with the potential volunteer if you haven’t been in touch yet.

If you’ve been contacted by a local volunteer looking to help, we’d love to hear about how you found success. Please email the team.

Need help logging in?

If you have any questions once you’ve created your club page, then send us an email and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

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