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FAQs for clubs, groups and events

FAQs for clubs, groups and events - Join In

FAQs for clubs, groups and events

Here’s all you need to know about hosting your I Am Team GB event.

– If you have questions about attending an event, please visit

– If you are a member of an NGB, CSP or similar large sports supporting body, please see our Information for sports bodies page.

I Am Team GB FAQs

How can clubs, groups or events get involved?

Clubs, groups and events can register their event on the Join In website. Their event will then be automatically displayed on both and We want sports clubs and activity groups to put Saturday 27 August in their diaries and start to think about how they can welcome the public.

Please note, that in order to receive an I Am Team GB branded kitbox with items for your event, you must have created a club profile by 12 August (first 2,000 clubs only). The project is looking to showcase a wide range of sports and welcome a variety of events across the UK. The events should be free of charge to enable anyone to attend.

Clubs can open their doors to a normal Saturday session, host an informal competition or put on a festival of sport – we’re looking for clubs of all sizes to get involved. If you need a little inspiration, take a look at our event ideas.

What’s in it for grassroots clubs?

  1. Grow your club. As a nationwide campaign, I Am Team GB is a great way to gain new members and volunteers.
  2. Free kitbox. Sign up before 12 August to get a free I Am Team GB kitbox filled with goodies to promote your event and club. First 2,000 clubs only, so don’t miss out!
  3. Host an Olympian. To celebrate the support that players of The National Lottery give Team GB’s athletes, sports stars will be heading to I Am Team GB events.
  4. Olympic spirit. Capture the nation’s celebratory mood and get more people through your doors in the spirit of the Olympic Games. This is also a chance to look ahead to the excitement of the Paralympics.
  5. It’s going to be big! Brought to you by The National Lottery and ITV, I Am Team GB is set to be the nation’s biggest ever sports day. With ITV showcasing a range of events, this is your chance to be part of a national campaign. Follow the #IAmTeamGB tag on Twitter for the latest.

Plus, ITV are also offering the chance to win £250 worth of vouchers for clubs or groups hosting events as part of I Am Team GB. See our blog post for more info.

What kind of event could I organise?

I Am Team GB events can come in all shapes and sizes – they can involve your specific sport and even work with your regular sessions. Below are a few suggestions to get you started:

Training session
Host a normal training session but open your doors to the public and give members of the community the chance to sample your sport with drills and informal races or matches.

Multi-sport event
If your club or group runs a number of sessions, why not create a festival of sport? Give participants the opportunity to try a range of sports or team up with other local sports clubs and work together to build a sports showcase.

Check out our ‘types of event‘ page for more event ideas.

How can I get involved?

If you’re part of a local sports club or group, you can work with the club members and committee to host an event. Remember to register it on the Join In site.

If you’re not already part of a group, visit to find a participating club near you. New events will be added right up until Saturday 27 August, so do keep checking the site.

What branding/merchandise will my club get from being part of I Am Team GB?

I Am Team GB is aiming to provide registered participating clubs with both a physical kitbox of resources and online information on how to make the most out of your event. In order to qualify for a kitbox, your club needs to create an I Am Team GB event on by 12 August so that the kitbox can be packed and posted to you in time for 27 August.

Kitboxes will include I Am Team GB bunting, balloons, stickers and three t-shirts (for volunteers or event organisers). First 2,000 clubs only, so don’t miss out!

There is a dedicated support desk that clubs can use. Simply email with any questions about your event and a member of our team will get back to you.

What support will I get from I Am Team GB to create my event?

I Am Team GB can offer tips and advice on how to grow your event, including information on safeguarding, volunteer management and risk assessment. See the Hosts section of the Join In site for more.

I Am Team GB can help you link up with neighbouring clubs to grow your event. Simply search to find clubs near you who are hosting events and get in touch! You can also email for help from our team.

I’ve signed my club up to I Am Team GB, what next?

Great! The next stage is to start planning the details of your event. For tips on how to build your event, visit the Hosts section of the Join In site.

Have you told all your existing members about it? If not, make sure to email them and let them know how to get involved. Can you start telling local community members about it? Download a poster to advertise your event.

Keep in touch (via to tell us how your event is growing and you could be in with a chance of hosting an athlete.

And don’t forget to shout about your event on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels. You can also work with our support team for help on how to build your event – and take a look at our tools and tips for promoting your event.

How long does my event have to be?

To be a part of I Am Team GB, your event needs to take place on Saturday 27 August, be free to enter and open to the general public.

Other than that, it’s up to you. From an hour’s training session to a full-day physical activity festival, we’re looking for events in every size and shape. Check out the Hosts section for tools and tips.

How can our existing members get involved?

We’d love events to be accessible to all and showcase a range of abilities – including your existing members, who can play a key part. They can help with planning the day, lead taster sessions and take part in demonstrations. We want their passion to inspire new members to join or support your club.

Can I set up my own event?

Yes you can. There is a “Do It Yourself” option. Go to to find out more. However, as this is a day of joining in with your community, we suggest that those interested in being involved, get involved with their local sports club or activity group.

How can I get more volunteers to support my event?

There will be an opportunity to include the number of volunteers you would like when you register your event on the Join In website. You can find further information on how to recruit and retain volunteers in our How-to section.

What is Join In?

Join In is a London 2012 legacy charity that puts more volunteers into community sport. For more information, see our About page.

How will my event be promoted?

Once you’ve created your event page, members of the public will be able to find your event through the website. They will search using their postcode.

The public will be directed to the website through a national broadcast campaign on ITV and events will be promoted through social media. Follow the #IAmTeamGB tag on Twitter for the latest news.

What do I do if the weather is bad?

I Am Team GB will take place rain or shine, so please bear this in mind when planning your events.

Will our event be on TV?

A number of events will be filmed and featured on ITV, both nationally and regionally. However, we cannot guarantee that your event will be filmed or broadcast on TV. Don’t miss out. Register your event quickly to be in with a chance of being selected.

Are there any funds available to help with costs?

No, there is no money available for clubs. The events should be free for the public to attend. Clubs are welcome to fundraise, but this should not be the only purpose of the day. I Am Team GB is all about encouraging more people to be physically active. Here are some tips on hosting fundraising events.

Will all Olympians and Paralympians be present?

We have asked sportspeople from all of the Olympic sports to save the date and we hope for a large number of returning stars from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. As with any event of this nature, it is unlikely that every member of Team GB will be able to attend.

We have also asked Paralympic sportspeople to save the date. However, as this is just ahead of the Paralympic Games, many members of ParalympicsGB will not be able to attend.

Will we get any Olympians, Paralympians or celebrities at our event?

A number of Olympians, Paralympians and celebrities will visit some participating clubs and groups. Register your club early to be in with a chance of hosting an athlete or celebrity.

Our club doesn’t usually meet on a Saturday. Can we hold our event on another day?

To be part of I Am Team GB, clubs must host a free event on Saturday 27 August.

Will we receive any branding or goodies for our event?

Yes, I Am Team GB will supply a kitbox to help your event take shape, as well as online resources for making it the best event possible.

You will receive your kitbox on the week leading up to 27 August and it will include I Am Team GB bunting, balloons, stickers and three t-shirts (for volunteers or event organisers). The first 2,000 clubs will only receive one if they are signed up by 12 August.

Ensure you tick “select the kitbox” when creating your I Am Team GB Event Page on the Join In site and enter your preferred delivery address.

Can we charge for admission at our event?

No, we want every event to be free and accessible to all participants.

Who is responsible for the insurance at I Am Team GB events?

Each club will be responsible for insurance, safeguarding and risk assessments on the day. These systems should already be in place within your club. However, always check procedures with club officials ahead of the event.

How do we carry out a risk assessment for the event?

For information on carrying out a risk assessment for your club or event, visit the Hosts section.

Will our National Governing Body (NGB) be able to offer any support for the event?

Join In are working with several NGBs as part of I Am Team GB. For further information on how your NGB is supporting the event and how they can help you, email

Can we sell refreshments and merchandise at our event?

Yes, we appreciate that clubs rely on fundraising. We want each event to be free of charge, but we welcome fundraising apart from entry fees.

Can we invite the local paper along to cover our event?

Yes. If you need information on how to approach or work with your local media, take a look at this How-to guide.

Do we need to get first aid cover for the event?

Yes. Most clubs and groups will have an existing first aid procedure, so ask those responsible for first aid which system to put in place on the day.

What if we have too many people turn up – can we limit the numbers?

The aim of I Am Team GB is to get as many new people down to your club as possible, so you shouldn’t cap the number of people who attend. It’s a good idea to arrange your event with this in mind and create taster sessions that include a broad range of participants.

Can we use the event to recruit new participants or members?

Yes. We want to inspire the nation to try new sports and get active. This is a great opportunity to recruit new participants and volunteers for your club. We’ll provide ongoing tools and tips on how you can best achieve this leading up to 27 August.

– Don’t forget to register your I Am Team GB event.

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