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Calne to Chippenham Linear Evening Walk 7 Miles (Bus to Calne from Chippenham)

27 August 2016

About this event

A linear walk from Calne to Chippenham, using the old disused railway line between the two towns.

Approximate 7 miles. Start in Calne then walk back to Chippenham. For those in Chippenham we will get a no 55 bus to travel to Calne.

Bring torches if the walk gets dark.

Bus timetable for the 55 bus can be found from http://www.travelinesw.com/swe/XSLT_TTB_REQUEST?language=en&line=46055&lineVer=1&sup=%20&net=swe&project=y10&outputFormat=1&command=direct&contentFilter=TIMINGPOINTS&itdLPxx_displayHeader=false&itdLPxx_spTr=1&itdLPxx_operatorCodeForTTB=SS

Bus times from bay 9 of Chippenham bus station

Chippenham 17:40 (arrive 17:57 Calne)

Chippenham 18:00 (arrive 18:17 Calne)

Chippenham 18:20 (arrive 18:37 Calne)

Ask for a single to Calne Town Hall

Stagecoach 55 Bus time table (Select Saturday and Inbound route) Timetable.

If driving to Chippenham, best place to part is Bath Road car park, Chippenham, Wilts, SN15 2AE.

Then head up through high street towards the top end of town and near the Library where the bus station is in front of you.

More information call David on 07796 987 134.

Sports and activities



Address: Timber St, Chippenham SN15, UK


27 August 2016


18:00 to 21:00

1 volunteers needed on the day

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Address: Timber St, Chippenham SN15, UK

About our Club


Wiltshire Wanderers are a friendly welcoming young persons Ramblers walking group that covers Wiltshire and the immediate surrounding counties, for people roughly between the ages of about 20 and 40 ish, though if you are over this age you will be welcome to walk with us.

Wiltshire Wanderers is affiliated to the Ramblers, and as such members are insured and benefit from discounts at participating retailers.

As a Ramblers group we would demand you become a Rambler Member - there's valuable discounts available so the membership pays for itself, and you gain insurance cover. We allow new walkers to come out a maximum of 3 times before they must become Ramblers members. This is pretty standard like any other Ramblers group.

The Ramblers does ensure our footpaths are maintained and looked after.

There are many established Ramblers Groups all over Wiltshire catering for the over 50s and more usual stereotypical image of the Rambler member being retired. We are the only group catering for younger walkers.

We are not a dating group or a singles group, but we have many single people and couples walking with us.

Our walks are generally on a Sunday morning from 10 or 10:30 am and can be from 6 to 15 miles in length. We also do Saturday walks during the summer and shorter evening walks as well during this time of between 4 and 6 miles.

We strive to put on 2 walks a month, all over Wiltshire and surrounding counties, and we also sometimes do walks with the Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) where the length of walk can go up to 26 or 40 miles in a day.

We are not a group for children or disabled (in wheelchair) walkers, though walkers with dogs are welcome, provided they are well behaved and on leads.

Please remember to wear good walking clothing such as walking trousers, wet weather clothing is also advisable (water proofs top and bottom, gaiters etc), good stout walking boots with ankle support with or withour walking socks, and please also remember to bring plenty of water with you on our walks. Sometimes its advisable to bring an extra pair of shoes and socks to change into after our walks if the walking boots are muddy, for you to enter pubs or your car home. Please do not wear jeans as if they get wet they take ages to dry and are not ideal for walking in.

We can offer lifts to members to share on transport costs. Ring the walks organiser before the walk starts.

We generally always go to the pub for a drink and sometimes an optional meal after the walk, so if you want to join us, you may want to bring some money.

See Our Club Profile

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