We’re up and running in eight Intersport stores

We’ve been working with eight key Intersport stores to get our exciting partnership off the starting blocks. We’ve been busy meeting with stores and Local Leaders to shape our plans for a unique in-store partnership to support community sport.

These first stores in Cambridge, Exeter, Lincoln, Herne Hill, the City of London, Hove  Chelmsford and Oxted have been helping us design the Community Hub boards. These will be rolled out to over 200 of Intersport’s UK stores in Spring 2015. As well as providing expert advice on sporting kit and equipment, clubs and consumers will be able to access Intersport stores’ local knowledge to help build their clubs. They’ll be sharing and receiving advice on how and where to get involved with sport locally.

As part of the collaboration, Intersport stores will be matched with a Join In Local Leader. For stores who don’t already have a Local Leader nearby, they’re in a great position to be able to help us recruit even more of our amazing on-the-ground ambassadors!

Local Leader Joy Edwards, has been paired with Intersport Nick Rivett in Hove, where she will use her knowledge of sport to help visitors to the store get involved in their community. Together with the store Joy will provide clubs with tailored advice on skills and resources needed to grow their club. She’ll also match them with volunteers in the local area looking for a local club to help.

“We are hoping the partnership will enable us to make close links with more Sussex sports clubs and supply new volunteers into grassroots sport. As a team we will work together to be involved in the Brighton Half Marathon, Brighton Marathon and local rugby events leading up to the Rugby World Cup this year. The store has a list of local clubs they support through sponsorship, for example providing the bags for the Brighton Half Marathon. They also attend events at local cricket, rugby and tennis clubs where they have a stand to promote the store and support events. I can see this being a very successful partnership between Intersport Nick Rivett and Join In Sussex.”

Jack Hancock from the Intersport Nick Rivett store says, “We are working with Join in and our local representative Joy to elevate our external events such as theBrighton Half Marathon and Brighton Marathon. Joy is very attentive, keeping us up to date with events and other local sports activity.”

Intersport will also be supporting Join In by encouraging their customers to search for volunteering opportunities near them. Telling clubs how to create a page on Join in’s website will help to spread the word locally.”

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