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Our year in pictures.

Our favourite photos from 2015

Here at Join In, we’re lucky to receive photos of our volunteers on a regular basis. Over the course of this year, we’ve worked with a handful of professional photographers and also received loads of pics taken by just about everyone with a smartphone.

Here are our favourite photos of the year. Look closely to see if you can spot anyone you know!

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Join In's Top 10 blogs of 2015
What were your highlights from a great year in volunteering?

Join In’s top 10 blogs of 2015

In 2015, our blog covered everything from korfball to blind golf. We bring it to a close with some of our favourite blogs from the past twelve months.

10. Fat boy Slimmer

Ben Fairburn once weighed twenty-three stone, now he weighs fifteen. Ben wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the help of volunteers. Here is his inspirational story:

Fat Boy Slimmer

The transformation of Ben before and after running is remarkable. (more…)

Clubs need your skills.

The volunteering professionals part II

People’s work skills can be hugely beneficial to sports clubs. In the second part of our volunteering professionals blog, we see how three BT employees raise funds and balance the books.

Part 1 | Part 2

Anthony, accountant


Full name: Anthony Raisbury
Day job:
Former Management Accountant and now Sales Account Manager

Volunteers at: Welford Mixed Hockey Club (more…)

Clubs need your skills.

The volunteering professionals

Your workplace skills could make a real difference to a local sports club. In the first of our two-part series, we see how BT employees put their professional savvy to effective use.

Part 1 | Part 2

Tori, web designer and social media whizz


Full name: Tori Brady
Day job:
Customer Experience

Volunteers at: Ponteland Rugby Club in Newcastle upon Tyne (more…)

Leighton Morgan (left) gives back to the sport he loves.

The Big Help Out in your words

This year’s televised #BigHelpOut campaign inspired Leighton Morgan back into local boxing. He now helps out at Peterborough Police ABC, but there’s a lot more to Leighton’s story than that. Here it is, in his own words.

“I grew up in the South Wales valleys where amateur boxing was quite popular, along with rugby, of course. I had a number of contests and even became Welsh Boxing Federation Champion in 2000 while I was at university in Cardiff.

I moved to Bristol after graduating and decided to try professional boxing as a heavyweight, but only had five fights before coming to the conclusion that I couldn’t dedicate myself fully to the training required while also continuing with my day job as a marketing manager.


Afewee Boxing Club provides an outlet for young people in Brixton.

London riots inspire boxing club

11 August 2011. Thousands of young people rioted in London. But on that very day, the riots inspired legendary football coach Steadman Scott to give these young people something positive to focus on. So Steadman set up Afewee Boxing Club in Brixton.

Four years on from the London riots, Afewee Boxing club is going from strength to strength. Join In helped sport enthusiast Laurie Cooper to volunteer at Afewee. She talks about her experience and the club’s impact in Brixton, as does Head Coach Bobby Miltiadous.


Michael Conlon
Michael Conlan and his father are Olympic-bound.

Michael Conlan – Paving the road to Rio in Northern Ireland

The Belfast boxer owes much of his Olympic success to the hard work of his father and a thriving grassroots culture.

Michael Conlan is Rio bound, but it didn’t look that way one Saturday afternoon. To qualify for the 2016 Games, the Belfast-born boxer needed to win in Venezuela and hope other results in the World Series of Boxing went his way.

In the end, fortune smiled on the Northern Irish bantamweight. After winning his bout, he heard news of a shock in Puerto Rico, where his much-fancied rival from Azerbaijan buckled to defeat.   (more…)

Afewee Boxing Club In Brixton provides a healthy outlet for local kids.

Backing up Brixton boxing

Afewee Boxing Club provides a healthy hub for kids in Brixton. Head Coach Bobby Miltiadous spoke to Join In about the club’s roots, the growth of women’s boxing and the sterling work done by fellow volunteer Laurie Cooper.

What is the history behind Afewee Boxing Club? Afewee started 18 years ago as a football club. A guy called Steadman Scott had great success – some of the kids he coached went on to sign for professional clubs. As a result of that reputation, he moved the club into boxing as well. It’s growing week-in week-out and now we’re actually fighting to get our own premises. At the moment, we are in a big hall in Brixton Recreation centre called the Energy Zone.

What about your volunteering experience? I’ve done a lot of volunteering and have always been involved in boxing. At the moment, I volunteer three times a week at Afewee and I’m Head Coach. I make all the decisions with regards to the boxing club. So I’ve volunteered for nearly two years here.


Volunteers at Downend Amateur Boxing Club are on their way to renovating an entire facility.
Volunteers at Downend Amateur Boxing Club are on their way to renovating an entire facility.

A new beginning for Downend’s boxers

A Bristol community has joined together to regenerate a disused boxing gym.

Back in the 1990s, the building that housed Downend Amateur Boxing Club had it all – it was well used, valued and loved by the community.

But in recent decades, time has been cruel to this once-loved facility. The building became sodden and dilapidated, and its weed-tangled grounds grew scruffy with rubbish.

And so, the local community decided to do something about it. A small group of volunteers set about refurbishing the facility and restoring it as a community hub.

‘It was really disappointing to see how a valued resource had fallen into disrepair,’ said project leader Craig Turner. ‘We commenced enquiries at the local authority 14 months ago, secured and cleaned out the building and put on a new front roof to prevent further water damage.’


More than 30 locals have helped renovate the building. (more…)