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L-R: Volunteer Helen Seamer, BT's Suzy Goodman, Gus O'Donnell, Eddie Izzard, Will Watt, Tanni Grey-Thompson, Charles Allen, Rebecca Birkbeck and Simetrica's Daniel Fujiwara.
The strong speaker line-up at the launch of Making Time.

‘Making Time’ research launched in Whitehall

On 5th May 2016, Join In launched its look into the motivations and barriers of volunteers in the UK, with a focus on sport.

The launch in Whitehall was led by Join In Chair, Lord Charles Allen, and Britain’s most successful Paralympian and Join In trustee, Tanni Grey-Thompson. Join In patron Eddie Izzard, leading economist and former Cabinet Secretary Lord Gus O’Donnell and Minister for Civil Society Rob Wilson also backed the launch.

Lord Charles Allen recounted his deep commitment to sports volunteering, from the Manchester Commonwealth Games to being Mayor of the Olympic Village in London 2012.

↑ Lord Charles Allen recounted his deep commitment to sports volunteering, from the Manchester Commonwealth Games to being Mayor of the Olympic Village in London 2012. (more…)

Recent News

Jo Harten lent a hand at Meon Netball Club thanks to Join In Founding Partner BT
Jo Harten lent a hand at Meon Netball Club thanks to Join In Founding Partner BT

Netting the winnings

Our Founding Partner BT recently offered community sports clubs the opportunity to win £1,000. We caught up with one of the winners, Meon Netball, to see how they spent their winnings.

Like the majority of sports clubs in the UK, Portsmouth-based Meon Netball is run by volunteers – all of whom work hard to secure much-needed funding for the club. So, winning £1,000 from BT was a real treat for club Chairperson Jo Coker and she couldn’t wait to put it to good use.

Some of the money was set aside for a new training kit, and there was a unanimous decision among the members to spend the rest of the money on a training session with England Netballer Jo Harten↑.

Coker said, ‘The day was a great success for the club. It was full of fun and excitement and we even managed to get Jo into a Meon dress, but unfortunately she couldn’t join us for good!” (more…)

Clubs need your skills.

The volunteering professionals part II

People’s work skills can be hugely beneficial to sports clubs. In the second part of our volunteering professionals blog, we see how three BT employees raise funds and balance the books.

Part 1 | Part 2

Anthony, accountant


Full name: Anthony Raisbury
Day job:
Former Management Accountant and now Sales Account Manager

Volunteers at: Welford Mixed Hockey Club (more…)

Clubs need your skills.

The volunteering professionals

Your workplace skills could make a real difference to a local sports club. In the first of our two-part series, we see how BT employees put their professional savvy to effective use.

Part 1 | Part 2

Tori, web designer and social media whizz


Full name: Tori Brady
Day job:
Customer Experience

Volunteers at: Ponteland Rugby Club in Newcastle upon Tyne (more…)

Two mother and daughter teams helping make the Hull marathon happen.

Meet the marathon makers

Running is the fastest growing participation sport in the UK, but running clubs and events wouldn’t be possible without volunteers.

Jasha Fletcher, a BT Local Leader in Yorkshire and Humberside, has made a fantastic contribution to Join In’s Run It campaign by recruiting volunteers for the Hull Marathon on 13 September. Full of pride, she shared her exciting experiences from the day…


All over the UK, the RDA is helping get disabled people into horse riding.

Riding in the face of adversity

Julie Taylor and Kirsty Cameron are two of 18,000 Riding for the Disabled volunteers across the UK who hope to help people through horse riding.

The affectionate, calm and kind nature of horses provide a unique therapy for people with both mental and physical disabilities.

RDA-04 (more…)

Start your own cycling group. Get inspired by Kirsty Cameron and her friends!

Le Tour de Forfar

Want to start your own cycling group? Then read how Kirsty Cameron did it and get on your bike!

When most people think of cyclists, they think of lung-busting climbs during the Tour de France or rakish enthusiasts whizzing along the UK’s motorways every Sunday.

However, as Join In Volunteer Kirsty Cameron proved, cycling is for everyone. A couple of years ago, she set up a women’s cycling group in Forfar, Scotland. Here’s how she did it:



Carlos at the Run It Launch
Carlos set up a run group from his Intersport store.

Set up a workplace run

Get home quicker. Get fitter. Feel better. Two of our volunteers share their tips to get your workplace run off the ground.

In our increasingly busy lives, finding the time and motivation to go for a run can be challenging. But a new solution is on the scene, one that easily slots into our manic schedules and brings people together to pound the pavement – the workplace run.

We wanted to find out what it takes to put on a run from work and hopefully inspire more of you to set up a workplace running club. And who better to talk to than Carlos Rybeck. As well as being floor manager at the Intersport City store, Carlos also volunteers as the run leader for the in store run club: City Milers. I caught up with him to see what it takes to run a run.


The Ring Leader: Dean Preston and the North Shields School of Boxing

Boxing is in Dean Preston’s blood. Having grown up with the sport, he now gives his all so that others can get involved. Dean talked to Join In about what boxing means to the young people he coaches, and about how volunteers are the driving force behind North Shields School of Boxing – the club he’s worked tirelessly to grow.

Dean started boxing when he was nine. As he puts it, “I grew up in a boxing family.” His dad was a coach; his uncles were professional boxers. Dean believes his involvement in the sport helped shape his success in life. “I’ve got a good career within BT, and I’ve got a sensible head on my shoulders. But I lived in an area in Doncaster where there was a high crime rate. A lot of people I grew up with took the wrong path and I think boxing gave me that discipline, that focus, and it put me on the right path.”

He stopped boxing when he was 17 and spent some time away from the sport, but two years ago he started coaching and volunteering at North Shields School of Boxing. (more…)

“I really feel like our shared love for the game encouraged a closer relationship.”

As the nation celebrates Mothering Sunday this weekend, Join In looks at three amazing mum’s who give up their time to inspire sport within their community.

Karen and Anne

Karen volunteers with her mum Anne, 73 (both pictured above) at the Bognor Regis parkrun, a weekly volunteer led 5km run.

Karen and her husband both take part in the run but supermum Anne is up at 9am every Saturday morning – rain or shine – to volunteer.

Karen thinks their involvement with parkrun provides the family with a bond that they don’t get from other activities, “Although we do many things together, this has enriched us all. My husband and I often run at the event. When I don’t go she still goes with him to support and volunteers, looking after the kit etc.” (more…)