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Ever wanted to say a #BigThankYou but struggled to find the right words? Or that perfect gesture? Well this December, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re part of a local sport, recreation or physical activity group, you’ll know that it probably wouldn’t exist without the time, energy and enthusiasm of local volunteers.

Here’s your chance to show them how much you appreciate everything they do. (more…)

Recent News

Join In helps football fan become coach

Have you always wanted to be a football coach but not known how to get involved? Do you want to give back to sport but don’t know who to contact?

Dan Hart was one of these passionate sportspeople who didn’t know how simple it could be to volunteer. But once Dan looked at the Join In website, he found Kingswood Falcons FC, who needed an under 10s coach.

Dan said, “I’ve always liked playing football. I’ve got a friend who went into youth coaching and was offered a job at Chelsea. When you stop playing you want to give something back. So instead of talking about it, this motivated me to do something”.

After hearing enough of Dan talking about football, his fiancée showed him the Join In website. So Dan decided to get in contact and that same day he received a call from Club Secretary, Denis Hassett. From that point onwards Dan was hooked on volunteering.

“I would champion volunteering every time. I don’t think people know they can just do it. I didn’t know the first thing about it.”


How Join In Local Leaders help sport clubs

Who are our Local Leaders? They are the 250 faces of Join In in your local community, committed to putting more volunteers into sports clubs and groups like yours.

There are lots of ways they can help you to recruit and retain the helpers you need. Here are some of them.

Using the Join In website

Our Local Leaders can help you to create a profile on the website to promote your volunteering opportunities.

Once created, the profile will be visible to volunteers looking for opportunities in your local area and will allow the volunteers to contact you directly.

Read how Jubilee 77 club Youth Football Club successfully recruited volunteers through our website.

Join In Local Leaders can help with events at your sports club.

Helping with events

If you are organising an event and are looking for a large number of volunteers, Join In Local Leaders can help with that too!

They can guide you through updating your club profile with the event detail, and help you promote it through social media so it reaches a bigger audience.

Many of our Local Leaders are experienced volunteers themselves, often with a large network of people they might be able to on to volunteer at your events.


Eddie Izzard yn lansio ymgyrch i ganfod 250 o wirfoddolwyr penigamp

Y pennawd a oedd yn crynhoi 2013 i Join In oedd ‘Gwaddol, 1 Sinigiaid, 0’. A’r llynedd fe welom waddol Llundain 2012 yn fyw ac yn iach o fewn cymunedau ar hyd a lled y DU – gyda 27,000 o  Games Makers a gwirfoddolwyr eraill yn mynychu Go Local yn y Parc Olympaidd; dros 11,000 o ddigwyddiadau Join In mewn clybiau chwaraeon lleol a grwpiau cymunedol a dros 100,000 o wirfoddolwyr newydd wedi cofrestru ar draws y DU fel rhan o ‘Haf Join In.’

Mae ein noddwr, Eddie Izzard, yn esbonio pam y bydd Arweinwyr Lleol mor werthfawr wrth wneud y pethau bychain, sy’n adeiladu yn bethau mawr iawn, o fewn chwaraeon. Gwyliwch y fideo a gwrandewch ar Eddie yn esbonio sut y gallwch chi wneud gwahaniaeth gwirioneddol yn eich cymuned leol. (more…)

What a knockout – 1000th club signs up to Join In Local Sport

We hear Team GB is pretty busy at the moment – so we were delighted that Team GB bantamweight boxer Luke Campbell decided to take time out from his London 2012 training schedule to visit Broad Street ABC boxing club in London’s East End.Luke wasn’t there to polish his sparring skills though – Broad Street has just become the 1,000th club to sign up to Join In, and he was there to congratulate the team.

Luke, who started boxing at 13 at St Pauls Amateur Boxing Club in Hull and is England’s first amateur European champion in 47 years, also talked about his sport and why volunteers are so important for training up young boxers.

“I started boxing when I was 13, and soon after that began training at St Paul’s in Hull,” he said. “Everyone there, especially my coach Mick Bromby, inspired me to realise my potential in the sport and encouraged me all the way. (more…)

What floats our boat…

We’ve been busy getting out and about this week, visiting lots of different sports clubs around the UK to spread the word about Join In – and the response has been fantastic.

On our ‘must see’ list was the Forth Canoe Club on the Union Canal in Edinburgh, run by charismatic commodore Kelso Riddell and an army of volunteers. FCC isn’t just the oldest canoe club in Scotland, it has produced several national and world champions including David Florence, who won Silver at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and Gold at the Canoe Slalom World Cup.

All impressive stuff, but according to (the very modest) Kelso, it’s simply down to the inclusive ethos of the club and the dedication of the people who run it.

We think that sums up what Join In is all about. Getting involved, giving time and who knows – maybe even helping the next generation of champions?

Liz McColgan goes back to her roots

Former British Olympian Liz McColgan has won medals all over the world, so we were thrilled to catch up with her recently in her home town of Dundee. She was here to revisit the Hawkhill Harriers Athletics Club, the place where her famous running career started at the age of 12.

Liz, who won silver in the 10,000 metres at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, along with Gold in the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo, was paying special tribute to her coach, Harry Bennet. She said she owed her career to volunteers like him and took the time to say she was proud to support the Join In Weekend.  

“Join In Local Sport is a fantastic idea,” she said. “It will really help sports clubs make the most of the Games and harness the enthusiasm of young athletes it will generate. That’s why I’m delighted to be supporting Join In Local Sport and would encourage clubs to sign up.”

Allan Wells heads home to Edinburgh for Join In Local Sport

100m Gold medal winner Allan Wells unveils a plaque at Meadowbank, Edinburgh

It’s not every day that a sporting champion gives you the thumbs up. So we were delighted to see legendary British Olympian Allan Wells MBE in his home city of Edinburgh, encouraging sports clubs, community groups and local people to sign up for the Join In Weekend this summer.

Allan also paid tribute to those people who had supported him throughout his career – the coaches, runners, volunteers and public who supported him all the way to his 100 metres Gold medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics and beyond.  (more…)

Where it all started for… Sharron Davies

Sharron Davies may have won her Olympic silver medal in Moscow 1980 but her swimming ambition started right here – at Tinside Lido, Plymouth Hoe.

This is where the six-year old Sharron learned to swim – and she took to it pretty well. Five years later, she had set a record by swimming for the British national team at just 11.

Earlier this month, we were delighted to accompany Sharron back to Tinside Lido, where she talked about many of the people at the lido who inspired her to succeed – and how much she loves the Join In Weekend (of course). (more…)