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Join In passes the volunteering baton onto the Sport and Recreation Alliance

Hello from Sport and Recreation Alliance

Welcome to Sport and Recreation Alliance. As we take hold of the reins, we want to highlight our plans for Join In and share what volunteering means to us.

Volunteering is at the heart of sport and recreation in this country. Just last weekend I saw this first hand, very clearly in athletics.

On Saturday morning I, like 100s of 1000s of others, took part in my local parkrun, set up and managed by friendly enthusiastic volunteers always ready with a clap and a cheer on the 5km route. Later on Saturday I had the privilege of attending the England Athletics Annual Awards and Hall of Fame evening. Whilst the room was full of many very well known athletes, past and present, it was the stories of the volunteers that stood out the most. People who had dedicated their lives – in one case more than 60 years – to their sport. (more…)

Recent News

Volunteering at award-winning Old Silhillians.

At the heart of a hockey club

As a Local Leader and Chairman of Old Silhillians Hockey Club, Stephen Tabb knows how essential volunteers are for clubs who dream big.  

Old Silhillians is a dynamic hockey club in Solihull that gained international recognition after becoming the first British club to be named Club of the Year by the European Hockey Federation in 2015. 

Its Chairman Stephen Tabb has been involved in the sport for a long time. From volunteering at the London 2012 Games as a pitch manager to leading the development of the main hockey club in Warwickshire, Stephen understands the importance of recruiting volunteers.

An inclusive state of mind

Joining the network of Local Leaders was a natural step to help him get more people on board, and he quickly took full advantage.We have a club profile on the Join In website, and they regularly retweet and favourite our requests for more helpers,” he said. “We have no doubt that integrating with Join In will benefit the club in the longer term”.

You do not have to have any hockey background at all to get involved.


Learn more about local sport with Intersport's Community Boards.

Grassroots sport hits the high street as Intersport opens its doors to volunteers

Grassroots sports groups are taking advantage of the new community initiative from Join In and Intersport. The unique in-store programme supports local sports groups, helping them engage with new volunteers and members.

Intersport and Join In are combining their local sports knowledge to connect sports groups with volunteers. As part of their commitment to sport, Intersport stores across UK high-streets are installing community notice boards – a resource that can be used to engage with the community. The boards enable clubs, groups and events to publicise activities and local volunteer opportunities, and store staff work to connect enthusiastic sports participants with clubs in need.

This amazing resource is already helping bring the wider sporting community together, linking clubs, experts, volunteers and players together under one roof.


As well as receiving expert advice on sporting kit and equipment, clubs and shoppers can use the stores’ local knowledge to grow their clubs or get involved with sport locally.

Hannah Palmer, from Hobbs Intersport in Cambridge, said, “We’re excited to have been the first retailer to work with Join In. There are a lot of opportunities in Cambridge to work with grassroots sport. On 1 March we had the full and half marathon so this was an ideal place to talk about Join In and start this great partnership.”


Jenny Hicklin, super volunteer (Local Leader) at Intersport JW Sports, added, “With the Join In board now in place in our Bognor Regis Intersport shop, community sports clubs see how we can help them by providing volunteers for their events. As a Local Leader, I now have a good ongoing relationship with the proprietors of Intersport, who realise the importance of getting youngsters into sport, and also how Join In can encourage and support this ethos.”

 – Want to find out more about the Intersport community boards? Here’s how it began