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Jo Harten lent a hand at Meon Netball Club thanks to Join In Founding Partner BT
Jo Harten lent a hand at Meon Netball Club thanks to Join In Founding Partner BT

Netting the winnings

Our Founding Partner BT recently offered community sports clubs the opportunity to win £1,000. We caught up with one of the winners, Meon Netball, to see how they spent their winnings.

Like the majority of sports clubs in the UK, Portsmouth-based Meon Netball is run by volunteers – all of whom work hard to secure much-needed funding for the club. So, winning £1,000 from BT was a real treat for club Chairperson Jo Coker and she couldn’t wait to put it to good use.

Some of the money was set aside for a new training kit, and there was a unanimous decision among the members to spend the rest of the money on a training session with England Netballer Jo Harten↑.

Coker said, ‘The day was a great success for the club. It was full of fun and excitement and we even managed to get Jo into a Meon dress, but unfortunately she couldn’t join us for good!” (more…)

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Clubs need your skills.

The volunteering professionals part II

People’s work skills can be hugely beneficial to sports clubs. In the second part of our volunteering professionals blog, we see how three BT employees raise funds and balance the books.

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Anthony, accountant


Full name: Anthony Raisbury
Day job:
Former Management Accountant and now Sales Account Manager

Volunteers at: Welford Mixed Hockey Club (more…)

Clubs need your skills.

The volunteering professionals

Your workplace skills could make a real difference to a local sports club. In the first of our two-part series, we see how BT employees put their professional savvy to effective use.

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Tori, web designer and social media whizz


Full name: Tori Brady
Day job:
Customer Experience

Volunteers at: Ponteland Rugby Club in Newcastle upon Tyne (more…)

Kids enjoying rugby
What are your funniest moments from your local club?

10 things only a rugby coach will understand

Everyone may be glued to the Six Nations at the moment, but community rugby clubs across the UK will still be out in full force this weekend (no doubt looking for the next Billy Vunipola or George North). Join In highlights the emotional rollercoaster that rugby coaches across the UK go through week in, week out.

I’m sure Eddie Jones can empathise with a few of these…

When you try to fit in with your U11s team…


15 years' volunteering at Leighton Buzzards.

Creating that hockey buzz

For 15 years, Katie Jackson has volunteered for Leighton Buzzard Hockey Club in Bedfordshire. We caught up with Katie to hear why she helps and how she managed to raise £6,000.

How and why did you get involved all those years ago?

I was asked by a friend to try out a summer league that Leighton hosted as I loved the sport. I went along and have never looked back since. The longer I was at the club, the more I knew I could do for it. Now I have a “hockey family,” as well as my husband, sister, cousins and nieces who all play at the same club. I’ve always been a giving person, and why not in a sport I absolutely love playing.

How much does your club rely on volunteers?

Voluntary work is important if we want to keep our club going. We have a few people who coach and do other voluntary roles. I organise all the socials, sponsorship, junior teas and help out with coaching, umpiring and whatever else gets thrown my way.