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L-R: Volunteer Helen Seamer, BT's Suzy Goodman, Gus O'Donnell, Eddie Izzard, Will Watt, Tanni Grey-Thompson, Charles Allen, Rebecca Birkbeck and Simetrica's Daniel Fujiwara.
The strong speaker line-up at the launch of Making Time.

‘Making Time’ research launched in Whitehall

On 5th May 2016, Join In launched its look into the motivations and barriers of volunteers in the UK, with a focus on sport.

The launch in Whitehall was led by Join In Chair, Lord Charles Allen, and Britain’s most successful Paralympian and Join In trustee, Tanni Grey-Thompson. Join In patron Eddie Izzard, leading economist and former Cabinet Secretary Lord Gus O’Donnell and Minister for Civil Society Rob Wilson also backed the launch.

Lord Charles Allen recounted his deep commitment to sports volunteering, from the Manchester Commonwealth Games to being Mayor of the Olympic Village in London 2012.

↑ Lord Charles Allen recounted his deep commitment to sports volunteering, from the Manchester Commonwealth Games to being Mayor of the Olympic Village in London 2012. (more…)

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Find out how volunteering in sport reduces stress & builds communities

Volunteering. The key to a healthier, happier you

You don’t have to be sporty to get fit.  Volunteering can improve your health and well being – it’s official!  Make friends and make a difference to your physical and mental health and to your community.

‘Get fit’, ‘do more for myself’, ‘do something for charity’, ‘get a new hobby’ – we’re sure a few of these mantras have passed your lips at the start of a year, but how many have you stuck to? Volunteering in sport is the perfect way to get fit and active whilst helping others. The sense of teamwork and emotional satisfaction will keep you coming back for more.


2014: A year in review

How does a UK sports volunteering charity hit the headlines? In 2014, the answer for Join In was a string of high profile collaborations. Read about our amazing 2014 in the Join In Journal, below.


The Hidden Diamonds report revealed the true value of volunteers in sport
The Hidden Diamonds report revealed the true value of volunteers in sport

Hidden Diamonds: What happened next?

Looking back on three months of activity since publication, we assess the impact of Join In’s Hidden Diamonds: Uncovering the true value of sport volunteers and it’s potential to reshape our view of volunteering.

Our research has been picked up widely within the sports industry, but it also provided a great backdrop to our December #BigThankYou campaign with BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Speaking in the House of Lords in December, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson used it to show her support for the value of volunteering:

The research report, Hidden Diamonds, found that each sports volunteer generates more than £16,000 of social value every year, which equates to a staggering £53 billion of social value when it is scaled up. These people should be praised, encouraged and thanked… without them, sport as we know it would not exist.”


Hidden diamonds: Uncovering the true value of sport volunteers

Join In has released ground-breaking research into the hidden value of sport volunteers, going beyond cost to measure the true value they create – through participation, wellbeing, trust and community.

Going beyond traditional valuation methods which use the cost-replacement model, we investigated the true value of sports volunteering to personal wellbeing and happiness of the volunteers themselves, plus the wider benefit to their communities.  

Below is our revealing report into this hidden value.


Eddie Izzard: Volunteering is good for everyone

Comedian and actor Eddie Izzard is Join In’s patron. In 2009, volunteers supported him in running 43 marathons in 51 days in aid of Sport Relief, and he became the official cheerleader of the Games Makers at London 2012.

Volunteers are the backbone of sport in the UK – without them, sport just wouldn’t be possible. Behind every sporting champion or grassroots sports club is an army of volunteers who have dedicated their time and efforts to sport.

Every Olympic, Paralympic and professional sports star started out at a local sports club or group. Any one of them will tell you how important volunteers are, and the vital role that they’ve played in their career.


Why valuing volunteering beyond cost matters

Should volunteering, like crack dealing and prostitution, be included in GDP? asked Lord Gus O’Donnell, Chair of Frontier Economics, as he spoke at the launch of Join In’s research into the true value of sport volunteers.

“The Office of National Statistics has just changed the way we define GDP, including illegal drug trading and prostitution. So the more crack dealing we have, the higher will our GDP growth rate be. Volunteering doesn’t appear in the GDP statistic at all. It doesn’t make any impact.”  –  Gus O’Donnell

At Join In we see the real impact made by sports volunteers everywhere we go. So we asked ourselves, what more we can do to get this value better recognised and resourced? (more…)

Value of Volunteering in Sport statistics
Volunteering in numbers

Does volunteering make you happier?

Here at Join In, we often see the effect that volunteering has on people. We love hearing how rewarding our volunteers find it to help others, and make a difference in their communities. So we decided to look into the subject a little bit more with an independent online survey.

Carried out in April 2014 by Delta Value and Morar Research, we surveyed over 2,500 people from a controlled population of clubs and volunteers in the Join In database, as well as the general public. (more…)