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Mags has been a long time supporter of Join In - here she's helping out at the Tour de ITV in 2014
Mags has been a long time supporter of Join In - here she's helping out at the Tour de ITV in 2014

Local Leader Spotlight: Mags Mathieson

Name: Mags Mathieson

Network: Northern Ireland

Local Leader since: 2013

What have you been up to recently in your role as a Local Leader?

“Having been a regular volunteer in the Northern Ireland running community for the past three or four years, I am now trying to combine volunteering with my recent role as a Local Leader and also raise the profile of Join In here in Northern Ireland.

I help out at a local parkrun most Saturdays. If I’m not doing that, I’ll be helping out at some other running event that’s taking place. Volunteering for so long in one particular area of sport (running) has allowed me to develop a great deal of experience and knowledge and I find that I’m asked more and more often to come along and help out with local races, many of them for charity. In the past few weeks I’ve been involved in a dozen or so events but the highlight was being asked to take on the role of Race Director for a 10k charity run. I’ve also been involved in some of the bigger running events here including the NI Road Relay Championships, the Bangor 10k and the Belfast Half Marathon. (more…)

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Pete Swann, left, outside Intersport Herne Hill with Join In Local Leader Malcolm Chevin
Pete Swann, left, outside Intersport Herne Hill with Join In Local Leader Malcolm Chevin

60 seconds with… Pete Swann

Pete Swann, Intersport Herne Hill↑ store manager, already has some great links to grassroots sport in his area. He’s been chatting to Join In to tell us why he thinks the partnership can connect his store even more with the community.

How is your store at the heart of community sport?

“We deal with many clubs, schools and local associations in different forms. The club members can often be customers and our network has grown organically that way. We sponsor lots of events – usually with a prize to help alleviate the cost of running the event or to raise money for a good cause. From a local 5K run to the Sport Relief Mile↑, we like to get involved with the local area.

How would you like to play a bigger role in the local community?

I think companies have a duty to support local events – sport has much more of a community feel than other retail sectors and that is why we work a lot with the local sporting people. If we can act as a hub for the community then it is mutually beneficial.


Carlos at the Run It Launch
Carlos set up a run group from his Intersport store.

Set up a workplace run

Get home quicker. Get fitter. Feel better. Two of our volunteers share their tips to get your workplace run off the ground.

In our increasingly busy lives, finding the time and motivation to go for a run can be challenging. But a new solution is on the scene, one that easily slots into our manic schedules and brings people together to pound the pavement – the workplace run.

We wanted to find out what it takes to put on a run from work and hopefully inspire more of you to set up a workplace running club. And who better to talk to than Carlos Rybeck. As well as being floor manager at the Intersport City store, Carlos also volunteers as the run leader for the in store run club: City Milers. I caught up with him to see what it takes to run a run.


Our volunteers go quietly into the electric night.

Team bonding over 10,000 plastic cups

Glow sticks, neon shirts and a horde of thirsty runners. Amy Donoghue shares her Electric Run volunteering experience.

I’ll be honest, hanging out with my Join In colleagues in a neon yellow t-shirt and matching glow stick glasses isn’t my average Saturday night. Volunteering at Electric Run London with fellow Join In-ers Sam and James may have broken the mould of my traditional weekend activities, but it was definitely fun and brought us all closer as colleagues.

Electric Run is billed as the premier nighttime 5k run/walk experience, where the participants are an integrated part of the show. The course features immersive lands of light and sound that promise to transport the participant into an electric wonderland. Runners are encouraged to join in on the art by lighting up with glow sticks, LEDs and anything else their imagination can conjure.


Why not lend a hand at Electric Run London?

Volunteer at Electric Run London

Our Official Partner Intersport are offering you the chance to volunteer at Electric Run London ↑.

Electric Run is the premier night-time 5k run/walk experience, where the participants are an integrated part of the show. The course features immersive “lands” of light and sound that transport the participant into an electric wonderland. Participants are encouraged to join in by lighting up with glow sticks, LEDs and anything else their imagination can conjure.=


The event opens to the public at 19:00 and thousands of participants will take part in the World’s brightest 5km around London’s most iconic stadium – Wembley. (more…)

A unique national network for sport

Over the last two years Join In has inspired thousands of volunteers in sport. At the core of these volunteers is a unique network of Join In Local Leaders – community volunteers who can be mobilised to help grassroots sport and activity grow.

The Local Leaders are our network of volunteers on the ground. The face of Join In within the local community, they work directly to engage and support new volunteers and connect them with local sports and fitness groups.

We continued recruiting these super-volunteers in 2014 with support from the Big Lottery Fund and we now have 250 across the UK, including 60 who have been introduced through our partner BT. (more…)

We’re up and running in eight Intersport stores

We’ve been working with eight key Intersport stores to get our exciting partnership off the starting blocks. We’ve been busy meeting with stores and Local Leaders to shape our plans for a unique in-store partnership to support community sport.

These first stores in Cambridge, Exeter, Lincoln, Herne Hill, the City of London, Hove  Chelmsford and Oxted have been helping us design the Community Hub boards. These will be rolled out to over 200 of Intersport’s UK stores in Spring 2015. As well as providing expert advice on sporting kit and equipment, clubs and consumers will be able to access Intersport stores’ local knowledge to help build their clubs. They’ll be sharing and receiving advice on how and where to get involved with sport locally.


Learn more about local sport with Intersport's Community Boards.

Grassroots sport hits the high street as Intersport opens its doors to volunteers

Grassroots sports groups are taking advantage of the new community initiative from Join In and Intersport. The unique in-store programme supports local sports groups, helping them engage with new volunteers and members.

Intersport and Join In are combining their local sports knowledge to connect sports groups with volunteers. As part of their commitment to sport, Intersport stores across UK high-streets are installing community notice boards – a resource that can be used to engage with the community. The boards enable clubs, groups and events to publicise activities and local volunteer opportunities, and store staff work to connect enthusiastic sports participants with clubs in need.

This amazing resource is already helping bring the wider sporting community together, linking clubs, experts, volunteers and players together under one roof.


As well as receiving expert advice on sporting kit and equipment, clubs and shoppers can use the stores’ local knowledge to grow their clubs or get involved with sport locally.

Hannah Palmer, from Hobbs Intersport in Cambridge, said, “We’re excited to have been the first retailer to work with Join In. There are a lot of opportunities in Cambridge to work with grassroots sport. On 1 March we had the full and half marathon so this was an ideal place to talk about Join In and start this great partnership.”


Jenny Hicklin, super volunteer (Local Leader) at Intersport JW Sports, added, “With the Join In board now in place in our Bognor Regis Intersport shop, community sports clubs see how we can help them by providing volunteers for their events. As a Local Leader, I now have a good ongoing relationship with the proprietors of Intersport, who realise the importance of getting youngsters into sport, and also how Join In can encourage and support this ethos.”

 – Want to find out more about the Intersport community boards? Here’s how it began

Intersport gets active in the community.

Intersport plays its part in local sport

Sporting events bring communities of all shapes and sizes together – be it a rugby festival, a family fun run or a swimming gala.

At Join In, we’re delighted to support a whole host of Intersport-sponsored events. By working together, we promote these events and help find more participants and volunteers to further add to the sterling work Intersport already does in community sport.

Intersport stores are currently involved in a range of events across the UK, and we look forward to helping them grow, enabling more people to get involved, make friends and have fun.

Bognor-10k-sq (more…)

Intersport – Join In’s new perfect partner

There’s a new partner in the Join In family and we’re really excited to tell you – it’s Intersport!

With over 200 stores across the country, each offering expert advice, no-one understands the needs of grassroots sport like Intersport.

And now they can support local clubs and groups in a whole new way – by helping Join In to match them with the happy, helpful volunteers they need.

Over the coming months, we’ll team Intersport stores with our Local Leaders, to help their staff and customers volunteer with clubs in their communities. (more…)