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Football for everyone with the Skem Men-Aces.

An unsung hero’s tale

Having grown up with spina bifida, Carl Eaton is no stranger to tough times; but the uncompromising love of his parents helped him persevere and inspired him to give something back to his community.

Today, he spends much of his spare time coaching Skem Men-Aces FC, a Skelmersdale-based disability football team. Here’s Carl’s story in his own words…

“I was born in 1962 with a condition known as spina bifida. The doctors advised my parents to leave me in the care of the hospital and start another family; but my mam and dad were fuelled with the exhilaration of their firstborn. The sheer love for each other meant they would never agree with the so-called professionals and they took me home.

The next 12 months gave Mam and Dad huge challenges, and then came son number two. When our Harry was born, he was thought to be in good health, but as the months progressed, it began to show that he had problems. They soon discovered that our Harry had learning disabilities.

Recent News

Clive Barley, Local Leader and #BigHelpOut speech bubble technician.

Local Leader profile – Clive Barley

Marshalling, timekeeping, barcode scanning, social media, and assisting with grant applications… It’s hard to know how Clive Barley finds the time for all this volunteering. Like all our Local Leaders, he somehow finds a way.

What have you been up to recently in your role as a Local Leader?

In addition to promoting Join In whenever and wherever I can through social media and my normal face-to-face networks, I have focused on building stronger working relationships with our local sports development officers and the Lancashire Sports Partnership↑.

We are discussing how we can increase the number of Join In Local Leaders in Lancashire and how we work together in partnership to share volunteering opportunities and encourage more volunteers. The Big Help Out campaign has been fun, generating lots of opportunities for photos with the speech bubble. It created quite a buzz and lots of interest in volunteering across social media. (more…)