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Runners on start line
Tie up your joggers for these great running events

Top running events for volunteers

Get the UK running this spring, summer and autumn. Here are 10 great events that need your help.

London Marathon

After all those winter runs and tireless fundraising, the participants will be ready for the biggest event on the running calendar on 24 April. You can do your bit by cheering the runners; or if you’re a masseuse, why not salve those weary limbs.

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Join In's Top 10 blogs of 2015
What were your highlights from a great year in volunteering?

Join In’s top 10 blogs of 2015

In 2015, our blog covered everything from korfball to blind golf. We bring it to a close with some of our favourite blogs from the past twelve months.

10. Fat boy Slimmer

Ben Fairburn once weighed twenty-three stone, now he weighs fifteen. Ben wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the help of volunteers. Here is his inspirational story:

Fat Boy Slimmer

The transformation of Ben before and after running is remarkable. (more…)

Mara Yamauchi re-traces the path to marathon success/marimo images.

Mara and the long road

How many athletes grow up in Kenya, study at the University of Oxford, find a new name in Japan and finish second in the London Marathon? Mara Yamauchi told us her story.

It’s not often you see a sportsperson tweeting this way. Indeed, you’ll struggle to find many writers with such a vivid touch.

But Yamauchi wasn’t made the same way as other athletes. For years, she bounced in a bunch of the world’s best marathon runners, yet her route to the top was very different to the rest. (more…)