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Disability sailing in Hampshire

Making a difference in your community can start with a simple click. Alex Bellars was among the first of the 10,000 new volunteers Join In wants to get involved in local sport and he couldn’t be a better match for New Forest and District Sailability Club (NFDS) in Hampshire.

When primary school teacher Alex Bellars heard about Eddie Izzard’s plea for 10,000 more volunteers to help grassroots sports clubs, he immediately logged on to the Join In website to volunteer at his nearest sailing club. “I heard about Join In before but I joined the #BigHelpOut movement the day the campaign was launched. I’ve always wanted to help with disability and sport and I love sailing, so this was a great opportunity!”

Alex realised how many opportunities were available to him, including one on his doorstep.NFDS appeared at the top of the list when I searched for a club that needed volunteers. I drove past it many times on the way from Ringwood to the local pub without ever actually going there.”


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Volunteering at award-winning Old Silhillians.

At the heart of a hockey club

As a Local Leader and Chairman of Old Silhillians Hockey Club, Stephen Tabb knows how essential volunteers are for clubs who dream big.  

Old Silhillians is a dynamic hockey club in Solihull that gained international recognition after becoming the first British club to be named Club of the Year by the European Hockey Federation in 2015. 

Its Chairman Stephen Tabb has been involved in the sport for a long time. From volunteering at the London 2012 Games as a pitch manager to leading the development of the main hockey club in Warwickshire, Stephen understands the importance of recruiting volunteers.

An inclusive state of mind

Joining the network of Local Leaders was a natural step to help him get more people on board, and he quickly took full advantage.We have a club profile on the Join In website, and they regularly retweet and favourite our requests for more helpers,” he said. “We have no doubt that integrating with Join In will benefit the club in the longer term”.

You do not have to have any hockey background at all to get involved.


Afewee Boxing Club provides an outlet for young people in Brixton.

London riots inspire boxing club

11 August 2011. Thousands of young people rioted in London. But on that very day, the riots inspired legendary football coach Steadman Scott to give these young people something positive to focus on. So Steadman set up Afewee Boxing Club in Brixton.

Four years on from the London riots, Afewee Boxing club is going from strength to strength. Join In helped sport enthusiast Laurie Cooper to volunteer at Afewee. She talks about her experience and the club’s impact in Brixton, as does Head Coach Bobby Miltiadous.


From humble beginnings, Lincoln Branleys Pétanque Club is going strong.

“I enjoyed it so much that I joined the club.”

It has been a rocky road for Lincoln Branley Pétanque Club, but the future looks smoother thanks to its tireless volunteers.

Back in 1982, Peter Mann chanced upon a disused long jump area. After taking a brief look at it, the French teacher decided it would be a perfect area for pétanque.

Fast forward 33 years and Peter is President of Lincoln Branley Pétanque Club, and his wife Liz is both member and volunteer of the same organisation.


It’s a Match! Join In connects Sherri with Royal Sutton Coldfield AC

Imagine single handedly coaching 32 young athletes and being unable to give every athlete your full attention. This was a weekly occurrence for super-coach Graham Felton, at Royal Sutton Coldfield Athletics Club, until Sherri Smart got in touch…

As a volunteer coach, Graham looked after both track and field athletes. Whilst Royal Sutton Coldfield often attracted volunteers for their track session, Graham found that parents were less likely to help out with the throwing sessions, due to inexperience and weather. He said, “People don’t want to come and stand around for 2 hours watching kids throw”.

Seeking help, Royal Sutton set up a Join In club page to recruit helpers. They were thrilled to receive an enthusiastic response from trainee teacher Sherri Smart, a experienced discus thrower who wanted to give something back to a sport that she had enjoyed for years. (more…)

Could you meet your match volunteering?

Last year Ryan Postlethwaite logged onto the internet to look for matches. But he wasn’t looking for romance, he was looking for local volunteer opportunities. Six months on from Glasgow 2014, Ryan and girlfriend Charlie tell Join In how their experience as a Clyde-sider led to love.

Last year Ryan applied to be part of the 15,000 strong Commonwealth Games volunteer team. What he didn’t expect was that 330 miles away in Truro, his future girlfriend Charlie Tombs was also scrolling through the thousands of Join In opportunities and applying for the same role.


Volunteer match: How Ian Wright helped a football club to grow

It’s not every day a local football club has its coaching problems solved by Ian Wright, but that’s exactly what happened at Jubilee 77.

Chairman Dean Scopes knew he needed to develop a steady stream of players for the club to survive, and to start new teams for the youngest age groups to do it. “The problem was who can run them?” he said.

“You need parents to run a team but without players, you have no parents. Our existing coaches were already busy with their own teams. You need to start somewhere!”

Management of the club in Fareham, Hampshire, had agreed to spend some funds on coaching help, but this was a big financial commitment for only a temporary solution. The club needed to secure its long-term future.

As Dean sat down to watch a pre-World Cup match in June, one of his favourite ex-footballers gave him the answer.

Jubilee 77 Youth Football Club found two key volunteers with Join In

Jubilee 77 YFC has more than 10 teams for eight different age groups