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Chris and his fellow volunteers at the Wheelchair tennis
Chris and his fellow volunteers at the Wheelchair tennis

Volunteering at the Rio Paralympics

Join In Legacy Volunteer Chris Thorn loved lending a hand at the Olympics in Rio – now he’s helping out at the Paralympics.

“It’s the Paralympics Opening Ceremony tonight and after two full days of intensive training by Omega’s Josh and Hannah (the best Floridian double act since Mickey and Minnie), I can’t wait to start on Friday – as a Caller in the statistics and technology team at the wheelchair tennis.

If we are scheduled to work in the two big show courts, there will be three of us up in the rafters in a little box – one on radar, one caller, one stats input. It will be our job to activate the service speed gun and to mark the direction of the serve that you see on TV graphics (wide, body or centre) for commentators, coaches, athletes and fans to analyse the game.


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Why Cheslyn Hay Tennis Club is taking part in the nation's biggest sports day
Why Cheslyn Hay Tennis Club is taking part in the nation's biggest sports day

A London 2012 tennis legacy

Since setting up during London 2012, Cheslyn Hay Tennis Club has grown to over 200 people taking part every week. Here they talk about being open to all and how they are looking forward to I Am Team GB.

How important do you think the Olympic legacy has been for the club?

“The London 2012 Olympics inspired young people to take part in sport whatever their ability. There was a massive buzz four years ago and the legacy must continue. Now it is the role of community sports clubs around the country to take the lead and ensure young people continue playing sport. Through providing enjoyable and positive experiences it will hopefully leave them wanting to come back for more!

How has the club grown since then?


Lord's cricket volunteer
Lending a hand at Lord's is one of the many big event volunteer opportunities available

Big event volunteering  

Whether it’s at a local triathlon, blind golf tournament, or major hockey championship, there are lots of great volunteering opportunities coming your way. So which will you pick?

British Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships

Catch some of the world’s best players before they go to the Rio 2016 Games. Sample that big event atmosphere in Nottingham from 26-31 July.

>> Sign me up! (more…)

Clive Barley, Local Leader and #BigHelpOut speech bubble technician.

Local Leader profile – Clive Barley

Marshalling, timekeeping, barcode scanning, social media, and assisting with grant applications… It’s hard to know how Clive Barley finds the time for all this volunteering. Like all our Local Leaders, he somehow finds a way.

What have you been up to recently in your role as a Local Leader?

In addition to promoting Join In whenever and wherever I can through social media and my normal face-to-face networks, I have focused on building stronger working relationships with our local sports development officers and the Lancashire Sports Partnership↑.

We are discussing how we can increase the number of Join In Local Leaders in Lancashire and how we work together in partnership to share volunteering opportunities and encourage more volunteers. The Big Help Out campaign has been fun, generating lots of opportunities for photos with the speech bubble. It created quite a buzz and lots of interest in volunteering across social media. (more…)

Daniel Kelly coaches at Totten and Eling T.C.

Stepping up to serve

How volunteering helped two students get paid work at Totton and Eling Tennis Club.

Join In has just renewed its pledge to the #iwill↑ campaign, which aims to make involvement in social action part of life for more 10-20 year olds around the UK. To celebrate #iwill week and the second anniversary of the campaign, we’ve been working with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)↑ to get more volunteers involved in local tennis clubs.

Recruiting student volunteers

Karen Barnard (Network Coordinator for Hampshire) and Clive Barley (Local Leader in Lancashire) attended university fresher and career fairs in their respective regions to promote local volunteering opportunities featured on the Join In website. (more…)

What's it like to umpire in a Wimbledon final?

Two Wimbledon finals, but no one knows his name

It’s the 5th of July, 2014. His heart thumps. The roar of 15,000 people echoes around SW19. The air itself seems tense. 

He has worked his whole life for this moment. He walks onto Centre Court to take part in the most important match of his life: the Wimbledon final.

As women’s champion Petra Kvitova hits the cross-court winner, Nathan Watt breathes a sigh of relief. He has just completed his first Wimbledon final. And this year, the man who has been line umpire for Roger Federer and Andy Murray, will do it all over again. But how did Nathan go all the way from tennis enthusiast to a Grand Slam final?


At Join In, we help find volunteers for major events as well as local clubs.
At Join In, we help find volunteers for major events as well as local clubs.

Boosting your big events

Since the London 2012 Games, enthusiasm for sporting events has grown as a result of UK Sport’s work.

But how do you bring a piece of the London 2012 magic to your event? That stardust comes from an army of helpful, cheerful and welcoming volunteers. And Join In can help you recruit them.

So here are just a few of the events we supported and what the organisers thought of us.

Sport Relief 2014


Local Leader Helen Seamer: What volunteering means to me

Helen Seamer is one of Join In’s 250 volunteer Local Leaders, our people on the ground helping local sports clubs to connect with volunteers. She explains how she got into volunteering and what she gets out of it.

“I have always thought that there is a sport for absolutely everyone – it’s a question of trying them out to find the right one for you. I had this in mind when looking for something for my children to do. Two were early swimmers, so competitive swimming was an easy choice for the first.

My daughter was a bit different, having no inclination for speed swimming or ball sports. It happened that the swimming club in my little town in Kent, Hythe Aqua, had a synchronised swimming section. She gave it a try and was immediately hooked.

I used to watch in wonder at the amazing workout that is a synchro training session, and I quickly got roped in as a poolside helper. Level 1 coaching soon followed and I found myself getting deeper and deeper into the sport as a volunteer, becoming the county manager after a few years of learning the ropes.


Meet the club: Norton Sports Complex

It’s the stuff of sporting dreams – all-weather tennis courts, floodlit training grounds, indoor cricket school, cosy clubhouse – but Norton Sports Complex would be nothing without the help of its 200 volunteers.

The grounds are home to 10 sports clubs offering tennis, hockey, rugby, football, squash, golf, archery, cricket and bowls to thousands of people in north-east England. If they’re feeling musical, there’s even the resident Billingham Silver Band.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of the complex and we couldn’t survive without them,” said Peter Frost, president of Norton Sports Charity which runs the complex in Stockton-on-Tees.

“You don’t have to play, you don’t have to be a coach or an umpire,” he said. “We have people who volunteer to clean up, to help set the club up for events, to cut the grass. They are heartbeat of the local community.” (more…)