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Clubs and sports stars from Big Thank You
Don't miss your chance to be part of the #BigThankYou this year!

Make 2017 the Biggest Thank You ever!

Sports volunteers will take centre-stage at BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2017!

It’s been another sensational year for sport in the UK. And, as ever, behind every triumph and trophy, every point and personal best, have been an army of dedicated sports volunteers.

So, Join In and BBC Get Inspired are thrilled to announce the launch of #BigThankYou – the UK’s biggest celebration of the unsung heroes who make sport happen.

And we need you to help us show the love. Here’s how. (more…)

Recent News

Local sports club with Big Thank You logo
Get all you need to be part of the #BigThankYou 2017!

Say a #BigThankYou with our toolkit for clubs and groups

Ever wanted to say a #BigThankYou but struggled to find the right words? Or that perfect gesture? Well this December, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re part of a local sport, recreation or physical activity group, you’ll know that it probably wouldn’t exist without the time, energy and enthusiasm of local volunteers.

Here’s your chance to show them how much you appreciate everything they do. (more…)

The local team

Kent FA says a Big Thank You

Helen Seamer, a volunteer with Join In, has been working very closely with the Kent FA supporting their campaign to thank their volunteers and to encourage new volunteers to get involved. Helen met with some of the inspiring young people involved in football in Kent and has written a blog to share her experience and inspire others.

Colin and Jenny Hicklin, volunteers!

I didn’t know I volunteered!

Colin Hicklin is one of those community-spirited people who regularly help out in his community – but didn’t actually think of it as volunteering.  He has volunteered for the local Cub group, the Judo club and spent many years organising the Pagham Pram Race.

He has always loved sport and, after moving to the south coast, he became involved in the local sailing club.  He is a fully qualified RYA sailing instructor allowing him to operate the VHS radio, Power Boat, and Rescue Boat. He has been issued with a certificate of competence from the RYA which stood him in good stead when he was persuaded to apply to help at the Rio 2016 Olympics by his wife Jenny. (more…)

Start your own cycling group. Get inspired by Kirsty Cameron and her friends!

Le Tour de Forfar

Want to start your own cycling group? Then read how Kirsty Cameron did it and get on your bike!

When most people think of cyclists, they think of lung-busting climbs during the Tour de France or rakish enthusiasts whizzing along the UK’s motorways every Sunday.

However, as Join In Volunteer Kirsty Cameron proved, cycling is for everyone. A couple of years ago, she set up a women’s cycling group in Forfar, Scotland. Here’s how she did it:



From humble beginnings, Lincoln Branleys Pétanque Club is going strong.

“I enjoyed it so much that I joined the club.”

It has been a rocky road for Lincoln Branley Pétanque Club, but the future looks smoother thanks to its tireless volunteers.

Back in 1982, Peter Mann chanced upon a disused long jump area. After taking a brief look at it, the French teacher decided it would be a perfect area for pétanque.

Fast forward 33 years and Peter is President of Lincoln Branley Pétanque Club, and his wife Liz is both member and volunteer of the same organisation.


Carlos at the Run It Launch
Carlos set up a run group from his Intersport store.

Set up a workplace run

Get home quicker. Get fitter. Feel better. Two of our volunteers share their tips to get your workplace run off the ground.

In our increasingly busy lives, finding the time and motivation to go for a run can be challenging. But a new solution is on the scene, one that easily slots into our manic schedules and brings people together to pound the pavement – the workplace run.

We wanted to find out what it takes to put on a run from work and hopefully inspire more of you to set up a workplace running club. And who better to talk to than Carlos Rybeck. As well as being floor manager at the Intersport City store, Carlos also volunteers as the run leader for the in store run club: City Milers. I caught up with him to see what it takes to run a run.


Help out any way you can.

Mags’ volunteering journey

Volunteering can take you to deepest, darkest Peru. It can inspire you to rejuvenate tired places. For Mags Mathieson, it has done all this and more.

When Mags Mathieson’s mum was diagnosed with lung cancer, she revealed to her daughter that her dream was to visit Machu Picchu. But it was too late for her, so Mags promised she would travel to the Inca site and scatter her mum’s ashes there.

From then on she started an amazing fundraising journey full of adventures, including walking the Great Wall of China, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and several marathons. In the process, she shed about 6 stone and raised more than £20,000 for charity.


Join In Run It Volunteering Map
You'd be surprised how many volunteers it takes to stage a run!

A-Z of running volunteering

How many different types of volunteer are there at your running event? Well, we reckon there is one for each letter of the alphabet (maybe apart from X).

A is for Announcer

The booming voice of confidence that tells the crowd and runners when the race is about to begin, keeps you up to date with who’s crossing the finishing line and that your blue Fiat is about to get towed.

B for Bags

How do they get from the start line to the finish? Volunteers, of course.

C for Coaching

From the enthusiastic friend who took you for your first run, to the coach at the local athletics club, these people are a key part of your running journey.

D for Details

The choice of refreshments in your goodie bag. The turns of phrase on your flyers. The positioning of the water stations. Chances are there will have been creative brains behind the scenes making sure everything is just right.

E for Event organiser

Without them the starting gun wouldn’t fire; there’d be no route or timekeeping. This person is the coordination king. (more…)

Visit How-to – the one-stop resource for grassroots sports clubs and groups.

Share our How-to section in Volunteers’ Week

We’ve launched a free online resource to help grow sports clubs and groups. Check out our How-to for guides, top tips and expert advice.

We hope you’re all having a fantastic Volunteers’ Week↑ – the annual campaign that encourages all of us working with volunteers to take time out to thank them and recognise the amazing contribution they make.

Volunteers’ Week might turn 31 this year but doing recognition well is a timeless lesson. It’s one of the main learning points we took from London 2012; again and again Games Makers told us that a simple thank you is by far the best reward they could receive.