Three generations of the Beany family have hockey as a big part of their lives
Three generations of the Beany family have hockey as a big part of their lives

“I have played and umpired for every team in the club!”

Three generations of the Beaney Family now call Surbiton Hockey Club home – for the weekends at least.


“My mother played so I was dragged along and once I was old enough I played alongside my mum in her team. I met my husband at the club and my sister met her husband playing there too! My children, Chris and Richard, both played and their daughters also play.

My husband and I started the Colts here in 1978. We charged 50p a time for the Colts every Sunday.

The boys section of the club could go on to play for the men but there was nothing for the women, so I started the ladies section soon after.

There was some who were resistant to us starting a ladies section but they all turned round in the end – plus it wouldn’t have been much of a club with just men, so it was going to happen sooner or later, I was just the instigator

In hockey it doesn’t matter what size you are or what age, you all compete and it is such fun.

It is getting more serious now. In my day you played on Saturday then you didn’t meet again ’til the following Saturday – we didn’t train or anything like that.

It’s a wonderful sport.


Son Richard was also dragged along by his parents to the side of pitch.

“I was in a pushchair on the side of the pitch and as soon as we could walk we were on the pitch!

My brother and I always stepped in when someone was short. We spent our weekends down here. Saturday we played wherever there was a game and Sundays we would do Colts and mixed.

“I spent my life growing up playing hockey – I even met my wife through hockey.”

Classically my mum (Wendy) knew her before I did.

I played for the Army and have chosen to have a break now, and play as and when I like. I fill in whenever my brother’s team is short.

It is a great sport and anyone can play. For instance, today we have a wide range of mixed ability and ages in our team – 75, 47, 20 and 17 year olds.

If you want to play seriously, or if you just want to play socially, you can. It doesn’t matter what standard you are, you can still enjoy it.

When I coached the kids, the team we had were OK: won some, lost some.

Sometimes we end up discussing East Enders at the half time talk and I just used to think: “As long as you are all enjoying it, lets just go with it!”

Emma and Charlotte

Granddaughters Emma and Charlotte both play hockey for their university and love the sport too.

“It is just great fun. If we are not playing we are with our team mates socialising.”

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