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Tie up your joggers for these great running events

Top running events for volunteers

Get the UK running this spring, summer and autumn. Here are 10 great events that need your help.

London Marathon

After all those winter runs and tireless fundraising, the participants will be ready for the biggest event on the running calendar on 24 April. You can do your bit by cheering the runners; or if you’re a masseuse, why not salve those weary limbs.

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Run Norwich

Help create that big event buzz in Norwich on 7 April. There are lots of ways to help out. Make sure you’re part of it.

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Leicester Marathon

Marshal. Managing the water station. Helping with admin or give out goody bags. Make the Leicester Marathon special on 23 October.

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Richmond Runfest

The volunteers will be well looked after at this great event on 18 September. There will be a free t-shirt and meal, and the warm feeling you get from making this 6,000 participant-strong event happen.

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Windermere Half

Become a Marathon Marshal in Cumbria on 22 May. It’s an amazing atmosphere, a breathtaking course, and groups of volunteers may receive overnight accommodation free of charge.

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Ealing Half

Do you live near West London and would like to be part of a great event  on 25 September? Then join the team that made this race the number one half marathon in the UK 2014 and 2015.

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Guernsey Marathon

The Guernsey Marathon relies on locals to make it success. Why not join them and give the race a fillip? To sweeten the deal, the organisers are offering discounted ferry travel for those willing to come over to help out on 28 August.

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Vitality Run Hackney

People of east London: Bring people together in your home-town marathon on 7-8 May. Direct. Become a font of information. There are dozens of ways to volunteer!

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Wings for Life World Run

Volunteers give you wings. Help out in Cambridge on 8 May for a great cause.

Glow in the City

Light up the night in Coventry on 16 April. Grab your glow pack and make a difference at this unusual night-time event.

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– If none of these events tickle your fancy, there are hundreds more to choose from on our website


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