How to train your volunteers

Training up volunteers is a win-win situation. Find out how up-skilling can benefit you and your team.

How to train your volunteers

Many of the people, who give up their time for your club, will be looking to develop new skills. These may help them in many different ways – from a confidence boost and sense of self-worth to increased employability. Join In research has shown that people who volunteer in sport are happier and healthier.

At the same time, a well-equipped and highly skilled volunteer workforce can be hugely beneficial to your club, as you’ll have a broader range of skills and experiences to call on.

So, what’s the best way to offer training? First, you need to ask your volunteers how they would like to develop. Then you can start assessing your options.

Here are three good starting points:

  1. Check out your National Governing Body – they will have an array of coaching, officiating and other development courses for your volunteers to complete. Find your NGB at SportEngland ↑.
  2. Speak to your local County Sport Partnership – they should have more information on courses for volunteers. Find your local CSP ↑.
  3. For wide ranging sport qualifications, 1st4sport Qualifications ↑ may be a good place to start.

Remember: if your club invests time and money into training a volunteer, they should be committed to continue volunteering at your club – and to put their newfound expertise into practice.

Training in action

Kingswood Falcons FC in Surrey couldn’t survive without volunteers – and the club regularly helps fund and support its volunteers through training opportunities.

External Resources

When Dan Hart started volunteering, he was interested in becoming a qualified coach – and he was delighted that Kingswood Falcons funded his level 1 coaching qualification.

“It’s been a really great new experience,” explained Dan. “I get to meet new people, new friends and learn new ideas. If I hadn't seen the advert on Join In [for volunteering], I probably would still be talking about doing it – and not have found a way in”.

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