How to find your story

Don’t think you have anything to say to the press? Think again…

Beeston Hockey Club
Juniors at Beeston Hockey Club

At Join In, we feel that every local sports club – and each of their volunteers – has a story to tell. Every time we speak to a club, we always discover something new and inspirational. And we’re not the only ones who feel like that.

The local media are always looking for interesting stories – and we’d like to help you shine a spotlight on your club. It’s a great way to attract some much deserved attention.

So, let’s get started. First, think about your club – and the people who make sport happen at your club. Do you or they have an interesting story to tell? What about your club members?

Top tips for a potential news article

  • Has your club been on a journey? (For example: have you overcome any difficult situations?)
  • Has helping out at your club improved any of your volunteers’ lives?
  • Could other people relate to the story you’d like to share?
  • Is it more than just an interesting fact – does the story also evoke some emotion?
  • Could your story inspire other people to play sport, or lend a hand to make sport happen?

Find the right quotes

Quotes are an excellent way to add personality and impact to your story. For example, you could look for quotes from:

  • A club representative – who can comment on how a volunteer has helped
  • A family member – who can comment on how the volunteer’s attitude or outlook might have changed
  • Other volunteers or friends – who they may have met through volunteering
  • A particular organisation or person – who introduced them to volunteering, or motivated them to make a difference.
Volunteers and Members
Volunteers and members join forces for Join In

Image ideas

Your story will be stronger if you can include some striking images. The following picture ideas are a good start:

  • The volunteer in action
  • Any other people involved in the story
  • ‘Before’ and ‘after’ images, if relevant to the story.

See ‘How to tell your story’ for more photography tips.

Finishing the story

How are you going to wrap up your story? If you’re stuck, why not mention the volunteer’s future aspirations and goals – for example, what’s the next step in their volunteering journey?

Call to action

Finally, after reading about your volunteering story, how can other people get involved? Remember to signpost them to your club (and to of course!).

Share your story with Join In

We’d love to hear your volunteer and club stories too. Simply send us an email:

Please give us as much info as possible – and include contact phone numbers so that we can get back in touch.