Why promote your club

Whether you want to attract new members, find new volunteers – or both – well-supported clubs know that successful promotion is the key.

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Do your training sessions look a little slim? Would you like more people coming to your annual fundraiser? It all boils down to growing your club numbers – and that’s where promotion comes in.

The trick is to use different channels. By making the most of your website, using social media and building a relationship with the local (or national) press, you can help grow awareness of your club.

Why does it matter?

Quite simply, promoting your club allows you to reach people who are outside of your current network – people who you’d normally be unable to talk to, but who may be very interested in supporting what you do.

And, of course, it’s also a brilliant way to re-engage current members. By showcasing everything that is good about the club, you’ll inspire them to care even more about being part of your community.

Where to start

Before simply starting to promote your club, it’s a good idea to step back and have a think. Why would people want to join your club? Think about some of the top reasons. For example, you could have excellent coaches, fun and regular social events, great facilities or cheap membership prices?

If you are unsure, why not check with your current members. Start by asking what they think is good, what’s bad and what can be improved at your club.

Once you know your key strengths, you’re all ready to promote your club. Where would you like to start?