START Find your place in sport Do you want to be out front or behind the scenes? SEND ME TO THE FRONT LINE BEST KEEP ME OUT BACK Are you much of a communicator? I LIKE THINGS THAT DON’T TALK BACK WELL, LET ME TELL YOU ... Do you prefer people to numbers ? PEOPLE, I SUPPOSE I LIKE THINGS THAT DON’T TALK BACK At one with nature or alone with ledger? A GREEN-THUMB AT HEART I’LL KEEP THE CLUB IN THE BLACK You’d make an excellent Accountant Keep any club in shape from your living room. JOIN the #BIGHELPOUT You’d do well as a Groundskeeper Always pitch perfect. The grass is greener with you around! JOIN the #BIGHELPOUT Rejuvenate or motivate? THERE TO CARE I GET THE BALL ROLLING A competitive edge or soft skills? TEST ME AGAINST THE BEST KEEP IT FUN Love the sound of your own voice? ON CLEAR DAYS, THEY HEAR ME IN FRANCE I LIKE TO THINK THINGS THROUGH Look after people or club business? I’M GOOD WITH PEOPLE I CAN RUN IT BETTER Spread the good word or find funding? I’LL USE MY SOCIAL SAVVY TAKE ME TO THE TREASURY You’d make an excellent Fundraiser Host that summer ball or be one with grant application forms. JOIN THE #BIGHELPOUT You’re a born First aider Mend the broken and work wonders with a magic sponge. JOIN THE #BIGHELPOUT Help the bruised or ply with booze? I’LL PATCH THEM UP THEY WON’T GO HUNGRY ON MY WATCH Put your skills to work as an Announcer Use that foghorn voice to get people organised. JOIN THE #BIGHELPOUT You could volunteer as a Media guru Make sure the world knows about your Under 10s B team! JOIN THE #BIGHELPOUT You’d be great at Catering Keep members fed and join the fight against crankiness. JOIN THE #BIGHELPOUT Tinker with tactics or stick to the rules? IT’S ALL ABOUT RULES AND FAIRNESS I’M MORE OF A MASTER TACTICIAN Why don’t you volunteer to Coach adults Be that arch-strategist and agony aunt who binds teams together. JOIN THE #BIGHELPOUT You’re a born Referee You run the rule over local sport – makes all the heckling worth it. JOIN THE #BIGHELPOUT Why not volunteer as a People person The smiling face of the operation who meets and manages the masses. JOIN THE #BIGHELPOUT Work with adults or talk like a kid? SCHMOOZER SUPREME INSPIRE THE NEXT GENERATION With a DBS check, you’d be a great Kid’s helper Youngsters love sport thanks to patient people like you. JOIN THE #BIGHELPOUT
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