Help people find sports volunteering opportunities near you by adding our search widget to your website.

The widget allows people to search the growing Join In database of clubs looking for people to lend a hand. When a user clicks the search icon, they’re taken straight to their results on the Join In website.

It’s simple to get the Join In widget up and running on your site. Here’s how:

  • 1Choose the activities you want to be searchable
  • 2Add the generated code onto your site. That’s it!

Enter the domain where you will embed your widget.

Choose the sports and activities that you’d like to be searchable from the drop down list, or choose all activities.

Below is your embed code.



Copy the code from the above box and paste into your html page in the location you want the widget.

*Note, if you are using a WYSIWYG editor (such as WordPress), you need to make sure you paste the code into the HTML editor not the visual editor More info here.

Below is what the widget looks like.

It is a responsive design so will resize to fit any space on your site. Any questions, drop us a line at